Healthy Green Tea Chocolate-Chip Cookies Using Airfryer

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Green Tea Chocolate-Chip Cookies Using Airfryer

I wanted to make some cookies on my airfryer but didn't want to make the ordinary peanut butter or chocolate cookies. As I also wanted to give my cookies a healthy twist, I suddenly had a lightbulb moment. What about green tea cookies?

My cookies eventually turned out great (and not-so-sweet!), but I wished the green tea taste was stronger. I should have used 1) matcha powder which gives a stronger fragrance and/or 2) newer tea leaves instead, so do consider these tips when you use this recipe!

Here are my healthy reduced-sugar green tea chocolate-chip cookies done on the airfryer. They are chewy because of the brown sugar, but if you want them crispier, just bake for a few minutes more. Enjoy!  

Yield: 15 cookies

60g all-purpose flour
60g top flour (if you don't have this, just use 120g all-purpose flour)
10g matcha powder/ pounded green tea leaves (equivalent to 1 tea-bag)
70g butter, softened
30g brown sugar (learn: benefits of brown sugar)
a pinch of salt
2 large egg yolks
30g chocolate-chips 

1. Sift the flour and matcha powder.

2. Cream the butter, sugar and salt together until they are soft and light. Add the egg yolks and beat well.

3. Gradually add the flour and matcha powder.

Tip: Henceforth after adding the flour, avoid overmixing. Gluten may form and the cookies will yield a rubbery texture.

4. Fold in the chocolate chips.

5. Shape the dough into 2 round logs, diameter of about 4 cm. Wrap the dough-logs in plastic cling wrap.

Tip #1: Do not skip this step because they may result in tough rubbery cookies. Importantly, chilling the dough will give us a more solid dough texture before baking - it can get really messy working with sticky squishy cookie dough!
Tip #2: You can place the dough-logs in a bed of rice so that they stay cylindrical and the cookie slices won’t have a flat side.

6. Chill in refrigerator overnight.

7. The next morning, pre-heat the airfryer at 140 degrees for 5 min.

8. Remove the dough-logs from the refrigerator and plastic cling wrap.

8. Cut them into slices of about 1 cm each and place them on non-stick baking paper.

Tip: Don't take out your dough-logs from the fridge too early... unless you want to have these cute Pac-Man cookies too. I shall be honest and share that my dough-logs actually became too soft and hence they ended up with flat bottoms when I sliced them LOL.

9. Bake them in the airfryer at 140 degrees for 12 minutes. They are ready when you see the sides browning. If you like them crispier, continue baking for a few minutes more. Enjoy!

Note: Cool them throughly before storage.
My Pac-Man Green Tea Chocolate-Chip Cookies
(Adapted from: AnhsFoodBlog

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