[Review] Clip-On 12X Optical Zoom Lens for Smartphones

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I love sharing good deals and here’s another product which I find very useful.

I know of friends who lug huge DSLR cameras around. I wish I had one of those too, but in my opinion, they can be a little bulky to carry around and come with a hefty price. Hence, when ThatMobileShop.com, a US online company offering various smartphone camera accessories, approached me to do a review of their add-on lenses, I thought, wow these lenses sound really cool. Why not?

I ordered the Ready Zoom Telescopic Zoom Lens with a 12X Optical Telescope Zoom and it arrived within 2 weeks. Here are the various parts:

While no instructions were included, I just followed the photo on the box to set it up. Here’s how my lenses looked like when attached to my handphone:

After clipping it on to the back of my handphone, all I needed to do was just to turn the lenses till the image became clear.

Over the past weekend, I had a go at it at Bishan Park and here are some unedited Before and After images using my Samsung S6 handphone. 

The pairs of photos were taken while standing at the same spot. What do you think of them? :)

 #1: Distant Buildings

#2: Distant Objects

#3: Distant Words

  • Just clip on (no software/ installable required!).
  • Easy to use (just manually adjust the lens!).
  • Convenient to carry around (pocket-sized!).
  • Attachable on almost all phones.
  • Works well for outdoor events.

  • Need to clip lenses on properly, otherwise a black round border is seen around the photo.
  • Not powerful enough if professional images are required.

But for this price, I was really impressed. It makes a good accessory and I wouldn’t ask for more.

It is now available at the introductory price of US$24.23 (U.P. US$60.89, 60% discount off). 

From now till 30 Jun 2017 (Singapore time), you can also enjoy another 30% off if you quote HEDGEHOGKNOWS30 at check-out! -> Final price: US$16.96, with free shipping (approximately S$23.50). 

ThatMobileShop.com also offers other useful smartphone accessories, e.g. fish eye lenses, stabliser for videos, etc. Find out more here!

Ready Zoom Telescopic Zoom Lens with 12X Optical Telescope Zoom 

Color: Black
Material: Strengthened ABS
Closest focusing distance: 3m
Magnification: ReadyZoom 12 x optical zoom
Viewing angle: 70°
Item size: Approx.3.5 * 8.6cm (D * H)
Item weight: Approx.61g
Package size: Approx.13 * 7 * 4.5m
Package weight: Approx.97g

1 * 12X Mobile Telephoto Lens
1 * Clip
1 * Cleaning Cloth

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