Food review: The Looking Glass Bistro (Camden Medical Centre, Tanglin)

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Hot chocolate on a rainy day
It was a rainy day and I was wondering where to have a nice warm quiet meal without going too far. I recalled that there was an interesting-looking cafe at Camden Medical Centre which I passed by previously, and decided to head there.

Spectacle frames decorate the walls of the bistro
When I entered, I was amazed by the many spectacle frames that greeted me. I don't think you can buy a pair of specs frames there, as they are for decoration. I was told that the owner was an eye doctor, hence this interesting concept. He collaborated with a partner to get some of the food from a central kitchen. There are at most 10 glass tables indoors, with the smaller tables on a slightly-raised platform. I took one of those. On a crowded day, you may take a table outside too, but I wouldn't recommend that in Singapore's weather which is often either too warm or raining/ thundering.

A neat display of sandwiches
The offerings are simple, with no heavy cooking required. Fresh sandwiches ($7.90) are placed in the fridge waiting for your order before they are toasted and come alive. You can top up another $7 for a set lunch ($14.90) to get a soup-of-the-day and coffee/ tea. Baked seafood pasta ($5.90) and beef lasagne ($5.90) are also available. As it was a cold day and my beef-eating husband always encourages me to eat beef, I took the beef lasagne. You can end your meal with cuppacino/ latte/ hot chocolate/ hot tea too, and the price ranges from about $4.90 to $6.90.


My beef lasagne ($5.90)
My beef lasagne came 15 min later, and the server thoughtfully told me to be careful about the hot brown plate. The waiting time didn't feel long, as I helped myself to the magazines and newspapers. It looked small and a little burnt.

Nevertheless, as I sank my teeth into it, the minced beef tasted good. It was nice and cheesy. The sides were crispy too; I just removed the slightly burnt parts. Actually, the portion was just nice - not small at all. I think the owner knew that cheese was very filling, hence this portion. Phew :)

Hot milky chocolate ($4.90)
After the beef lasagne, I was beginning to like the place and didn't want to leave yet, so. I decided to get myself the hot chocolate. It came in the way I wanted it - hot, milky and not too sweet. I like the presentation, with chocolate powder topping just like milo dinosaur.

Usually, I dislike it when some cafes use cheap chocolate powder with so much sugar, and the end result is a drink that is too cloyingly sweet and leaves an annoying aftertaste. This was different. :)

I continued my relaxing lunch over some magazines.

This bistro is a quiet place where you can have some me-time. If you would like to have a simple Western lunch and drink at below $15, this is the place for you. Takeways are possible too. 

Overall, I would love to come here again! :)
Update (20 Apr 2015) - Yes I did come back. Check out the review of my next visit here!

FYI: Here are the directions from Orchard MRT. There is a complimentary shuttle bus from the Liat Tower taxi stand too:
Variety: 6.5/10
Taste: 7.5/10
Ambience: 8.5/10
Value for money: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

Looking Glass Bistro (Facebook)
Address: 1 Orchard Boulevard, #01-03, Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649
Tel: 6836 0075