Baked Rice Using Airfryer

March 22, 2015 2 Comments A+ a-

This is going to be a quick and easy fun post. One weekday after work, I just took whatever was served for my dinner, put some shredded cheese over, and baked it. 10 minutes later, I had another fun dish. Haha cheap thrill :p

Here's the recipe:


Cooked rice
Cooked salmon
Cooked broccoli
Cooked potato
Cooked carrot
Parmesan grated cheese

1. Put all the cooked ingredients over the rice.

2. Add cheese generously.

3. Airfry at 200 degrees 2 min to melt the cheese. Then another 180 degrees for 2 min, and 160 degrees 4 min to brown the edges. Enjoy! 

>> Update: To make baked pasta, you can refer to this post.

If you have tried this recipe too, share your photos with us!
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Thanks, Thomas. Btw, thanks for the link to the airfryer review site too! :)