Healthy Mango Sago Dessert Using Blender

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The fridge was spoilt a few days back and it was really troublesome. All the frozen stuff had to be moved to a relative's home, and some perishables which could not be saved in time had to be discarded. My butter is still not back, so no baking this weekend.

It had been really warm here in Singapore recently. With mangoes on sale, I decided to make chilled mango sago. It's one of my most favourite desserts too, and usually cost S$4 a bowl in restaurants.

At Giant supermarket
Here's my recipe. If you like more fresh mangoes and less sugar/ juice, you will love this. Enjoy!

Yield: 8 bowls

160g sago pearls
5 ripe mangoes
500ml mango juice (I used Marigold Peel Fresh)
300ml evaporated milk (I used Carnation brand, low fat high calcium, with healthier choice logo)
3 - 4 tbsp castor sugar (the riper the mangoes, the less sugar you can use)
Optional: pomelo sacs (I just couldn't find pomelos, so skipped this step)

1.  Boil the sago until they become transparent. Please refer to the instructions here.

2. Dice 5 mangoes.

3. In a blender, blend the diced pieces of 4 of the mangoes.

4. Make sugar syrup by mixing the castor sugar with just enough hot water to dissolve.
Tip: Sample the diced mangoes to adjust sugar level accordingly.

5. Into the blender with the pureed mango, add evaporated milk, mango juice and sugar syrup for a short while till well mixed.
Tip: Use low speed so less bubbles are formed.

6. Add the cooked sago prepared in step 1 to the mixture. Chill in fridge.

7. To serve, portion out to individual serving bowls and garnish with the remaining cubed mangoes. Here you go, the perfect dessert for a warm summer's day!
(Recipe adapted from NoobCook.)

If you have tried this recipe too, share your photos with us!
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