Salmon with Fresh Rosemary Herbs and Lemon Using Airfryer

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The helper really liked how the Baked Lemon Rosemary Chicken turned out using the airfryer (recipe here) and decided to adapt it to the salmon. Since we usually have salmon steamed (and the husband never quite liked it), I was agreeable to her suggestion.

After marinating the salmon for a few hours with the herbs and lemon, she then baked it to perfection in the airfryer. Super easy - just 3 ingredients for marination, and no extra oil is needed as the fish has its own Omega-3 salmon oil goodness. 

The verdict? Well, our salmon will always be baked in the airfryer henceforth. Go figure! We loved how it was a little crispy and had its full flavours retained. Serve this with some baked potato wedges (recipe here) and it makes a perfect quick-and-easy healthy after-work meal!

Below is the recipe. Feel free to use your favourite fish and herbs. Enjoy! :)

Salmon with Fresh Rosemary Herbs and Lemon Using Airfryer

Serves 2 persons

200g salmon
2 slices of lemon
dash of pepper
8g fresh rosemary, chopped (half of the box below, available at NTUC Finest)

1) Rub the chopped rosemary and pepper onto the salmon, and place the lemon on top. Marinate in the fridge for at least 2 hours. 

2. Preheat airfyer at 160 degrees for 3 min.

3. Bake the salmon in the airfryer at 160 degrees for 10 min. 

4. Squeeze the lemon on the salmon. It's now ready to be served. Super easy and fast, isn't it? Enjoy!

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Thank you. Hope you liked the recipe!