Behind The Scenes with Philips: Video for Traditional Mooncake Recipe Using Airfryer

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The Hedgehog was humbled to have been invited to a videoshoot with Philips for the Traditional Mooncake recipe using the airfryer. 

Many readers have been sharing their successful stories and photos, but we agreed that a video would definitely help those who want a little more advice in visualising the steps. Apart from wanting to demystify this really simple recipe, of course we also wanted to dispel the notion that an airfryer was only for... frying. Indeed, the husband just commented today that our Philips Airfryer was the one of the most versatile kitchen tools we have and I couldn't agree more. Most of us have limited kitchen sizes, so certainly we only want to place the most important equipment on our kitchen countertops :)

Alright, enough of me talking. I know you are excited to watch the video. Here it goes!
Credits: Philips

For a print version of the recipe, please refer to the original post here.

Now, here comes the other fun part. Some Behind the Scenes shots!

Overall set-up

While the camera is being adjusted, please tell me if my hair is messy.

Camera, Lights, Action!

While the one behind this recipe is camera-shy, I simply love being in the limelight on her behalf!

With the secrets behind traditional mooncake baking out now, who needs to buy the expensive ones from the hotels anymore? :) Let us know if you have tried out this recipe using the airfryer too!

- Thank you Philips! We had a great time too! :)  XOXO, The Happy Hedgehog & Janet

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