Cooking Demonstration Session at Panasonic Singapore

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The Hedgehog was invited to Panasonic’s cooking demonstration over the weekend. 3 dishes were promised: the stuffed chicken, chocolate cake and salad dressing. We were in for a steal nevertheless, as we were also shown how to prepare cinnamon bread and glutinous rice. Of course, everything was prepared using Panasonic equipment which included the microwave oven, rice cooker and breadmaker.

Overall, I was most impressed by the Panasonic Microwave Steam Oven NN-CS894, as it could be used to cook the stuffed chicken and chocolate cake! Traditional microwave ovens are known for heating and perhaps some cooking. 

But real actual cooking? Here is what it promises:
Source: Panasonic

Anyway, seeing (and for me, tasting) is believing. While I will share the full recipes and photos in a more detailed post later, do let the photos of what this oven can do simply amaze you!

Black Pepper Roast Chicken with Stuffing [Microwave Steam Oven NN-CS894]
This looked almost effortless. Apart from the stuffing which took a little more work, keying in the settings in the oven (press the "roast chicken" automatic function + weight of the chicken) and a midway honey-glazing were all that was needed to cook the chicken. So idiot-proof!

At the end of the session, we were given a sampling portion of the stuffed chicken, and it was the most tender ever. So well-roasted and flavourful. Really. It usually requires a much cooking experience for meats to turn out well, but with the automatic oven functions, this would be perfect for any noob cook! 
After seasoning, stuff the chicken with cooked glutinous rice.

Knot it tightly.

Put into oven.

It's ready. well-roasted, tender and flavourful!

Steamed Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache [Microwave Steam Oven NN-CS894]
This dish was inspired by The Domestic Goddess Wannabe. When I heard of this dish, my head was thinking of the malay kueh, the brownish-yellow cake available at dim sum restaurants. I am not sure about you, but I don't always like the texture of a sponge steamed cake.

But truly, this steamed chocolate cake turned out different! it was sufficiently moist and rich, yet decadent in its own way. I felt less guilty having it!

First, cook the butter, sugar and milk in the steam oven.

Mix the above into the cocoa powder and plain flour.

Bake for 55 minutes.

Prepare the ganache and pour over.

Garnish with some almonds and it is ready!

Result: A super moist chocolate cake

* To find out more about this microwave steam oven, please refer to Panasonic's introduction of the equipment here.

As mentioned, we also learnt 2 other dishes - the cinnamon bread and glutinous rice. 

Cinnamon Bread [Panasonic Breadmaker SD-P104WSH]

Add the core ingredients into the breadpan to form the dough.

When ready, roll them out till they become wide and flat.
Add cinnamon sugar and banana slices.

Cut them into 4 rolls.

Place the 4 rolls back into the breadpan to bake.

* To find out more about this breadmaker, please refer to Panasonic's introduction of the equipment here.

[UPDATE: You can now refer to the recipe here!]

Glutinous rice [Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-HB-184]

Before cooking.
After cooking.

* To find out more about this rice cooker, please refer to Panasonic's introduction of the equipment here.

PS: The recipes will be shared in a more detailed post later, so stay tuned! :)

Veggie Life Salad Packs
Last but not least, the session concluded with us being introduced to the new Veggie Life Salad Packs.

Think Panasonic, and most of us will likely think of ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances. But salads? Probably like you, I was quite apprehensive when I read that Panasonic was launching a new line of salads from The Straits Times.

But considering Japanese innovation, this is actually of no surprise. The Agricultural Business Unit of Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific (Panasonic) has started cultivated premium Japanese vegetables via a controlled soil-based environment with LED lighting. The facility is the first in Singapore to obtain an indoor farming license from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) and grows a wide range of premium Japanese crop varieties that are pesticide-free and compliant with stringent food safety standards.
Source: Panasonic

Source: Panasonic

3 varieties are currently available: Nourish Mix, Antioxidant Mix and Vibrant Mix.
Source: Panasonic

We were also taught how to make the sesame dressing which comes in the big transparent pack. While the salad with handmade sesame dressing tasted fresh, to be honest, expectations were high as the salads were freshly cropped that morning anyway.

The real test came when we were also given a box to bring home, but I only managed to eat them after 3 days in the fridge. Lo and behold, they were still crunchy and fresh! I loved how without the dressings, they were really sweet - and perhaps tasted even better! 
Each salad pack comes with a fork and dressing. Very convenient.

These Veggie Life ready-to-go fresh salad packs are available at Isetan Scotts supermarket, Isetan Westgate supermarket, MEIDI-YA, Big Box Hypermart and selected NTUC FairPrice supermarkets. We found them at NTUC Finest at Junction 8 too. When well-refrigerated, these salads can store up to 7 days. Give them a try today too!

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