Romantic High-Tea Buffet at Lobby Lounge (Conrad Hotel): A Food Review

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We visited the Lobby Lounge for Valentine's Day a few weeks back. Not the cheapest place, but certainly somewhere special for a romantic occasion. If you are looking for a quiet relaxing afternoon high-tea, this is it.

Updates (August 2016): We recently visited with OCBC's 1-for-1 promotion. Do look out for our updates below in brown! :)

Relaxing and quiet, with live piano accompaniment in the background. The Lobby Lounge exudes an elegant sophisticated charm the moment you step in, and is somewhere you could certainly impress your date at. Of course, this is also perfect for a special occasion (birthdays/ anniversaries), nice catch-up with close friends, have a girly session or just people-watching. One thing to note is that there are relatively few tables, so we really love the privacy too! 
Source: Conrad Singapore

For service, something we Singaporeans usually look out for is efficiency. While we have to admit that efficiency is probably not the forte here, it wasn't a high priority at a relaxing environment like this, especially since we were slowly enjoying our high-tea buffets. Let's just say that they did okay at efficiency, but it was made up for by the friendly (and apologetic when needed) service

Tea Collection
We were greeted by the wide selection of Ronnefeldt teas. While tea and coffee are served (unlimited) at this buffet, tea is certainly their specialty.

We tried various flavours, including the Ginger & Lemon, Sencha and Strawberry & Crisp, but the Ginger & Lemon was the best. There was a special sweetly fragrant after-taste, something rare amongst the tea brands we usually get nowadays (and I was still recovering from a flu!). Despite being a big fan of TWG, I have to say that this is also another good quality brand to check out.

During our latest visit, the range of teas seemed to have been reduced. But then again, it was a 1-for-1 deal. We were okay with that arrangement as we really liked the Herbs & Ginger blend anyway. Highly recommended! :)

Main Courses
Oysters, cold prawns, roast beef with potatoes and fresh greens, fresh scallops, pasta, mini quiches and quaint canapes - The Lobby Lounge certainly offers high quality items. Quality is of essence and totally fitting with the ambience here.

During our latest visit, the range of main courses was definitely wider. Everyone made a beeline for the oysters and prawns, so don't say we didn't tell you what to start with!

Who always has stomach space for a nice ice cream? :) I am a dessert monster, to say the least. 

To test the quality of ice creams, always go to the vanilla flavour. If you see black dots, that's from the vanilla pods (read: real vanilla ice cream). The ice cream here has black dots! :p

The Lobby Lounge offers a wide variety of dessert - from chocolate fondue, cempedak coconut cake, dainty-looking mousse cups, chocolate truffles to the local kuehs. There is certainly something to satisfy the fussiest tastebuds. And yes - the signature Conrad Hazelnut Chocolate cake is a must-try!
Pancake with Ice Cream - my favourite!
Signature Conrad Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
Chocolate Fondue
Assorted Kuehs
During the latest visit,we were similarly enthralled by the range of desserts available! :)

Overall, The Lobby Lounge's High-Tea Buffet offers quality food in a relaxing elegant setting. I would certainly recommend it for a romantic date, special occasion or girly catch-up.

Variety: 7/10
Quality: 8.5/10
Ambience: 9.5/10
Value for money: 7.5/10
Overall: 8/10

Lobby Lounge, Conrad Hotel (website)
High-Tea Buffet
Weekday: 3pm to 6pm | Weekend: 2pm to 6pm  
$68++ per adult
For reservations, please call +65 6432 7483.

Instagram: @TheHedgehogKnows

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