Refreshing Blue Pea Flower Tea With Lemon

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Mention blue pea/ butterfly pea plant (or "clitoria ternatea" as it is known biologically) and not everyone may know what you are talking about. But if you have seen Thai blue rice, kueh salat (custard kaya glutinous rice cake) or pulut tai tai (nyonya steamed blue glutinous rice) before, that's the plant from which the natural blue food dye is extracted from. 

Traditionally, the blue pea flower is valued for its medicinal benefits. High in antioxidants, it can help in detoxification, improving eyesight and enhancing memory, as well as reducing stress and depression.

It is a creeping plant, and once its growth is stable, can grow very fast  (almost like weeds!). While I have failed in growing it before, I am fortunate that this current one is pretty healthy and I usually can pluck at least 20 flowers every evening.

Should you lay your hands on these beautiful fresh flowers, sun them out to dry and you can use them any time you want.

To enjoy these nature's wonders, the simplest thing you can do is to make refreshing Blue Pea Flower Tea with Lemon. You can also use this caffeine-free tea for a (Disney) Frozen themed party or simply let the kids watch in awe how the tea's colour changes!

P.S.: If you don't grow the plant, you should be able to purchase the dried flowers commercially in tea packs too. 

Lemon, 5 slices
Blue pea flowers, 12 to 15 (dried or fresh flowers are okay)
Hot boiling water, 750ml

1) Pour hot water over the flowers. The water will turn deep blue.

2) Add the lemon slices. The water will turn into a rich violet colour.

3) Let the tea sit for 15 min and stir occasionally. You will see the petals becoming pale/ white, as the blue colour oozes out.

4) Serve hot or with ice. Enjoy! 

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