[Review] Brotzeit: An Authentic German Yuletide Experience

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The year end is always associated with much feasting and gathering with friends. With the launch of Brotzeit's latest festive menu, this is definitely another great choice to go to - especially if you love a hearty meal of Brotzeit's signature pork knuckles, sausages and beer. We gave it a try last week and here's our review :)

The Seafood Medley ($25++), which consisted of crispy prawns, smoked trout, smoked salmon and anchovies was an excellent, tantalizing starter that paved the way for a more scrumptious delectable main course to come.

The Chritmas Sharing Platter ($118++), great for a party of 4 persons, certainly should not be given a miss as it comprises all their signature dishes - Roast Pork Knuckle, a selection of Veal and Venison Sausages, Roast Pork Roulade and Veal Shank. It is certainly a chef's recommendation as there was no weak link in the awesome quartet. It basically gives you the best of everything on offer for a hearty Yuletide meal.

Nonetheless, if you are a small eater, you could order the dishes ala-carte and I would highly recommend that you take the venison steak and crispy pork belly roulade.

My favourite was the Venison Steak ($42++), paired with tasty almond-potato dumplings and bacon-wrapped asparagus, as it was remarkably tender and oozing with natural juices.

Special mention must go to the almond-potato dumplings which was uniquely done, with crunchy almond shavings on its outer layer to provide a contrasting texture to the creamy, tasty mashed potato inside. We were told that the potato mash was made of potato, egg and flour. The wife said she was going to try making them at home, but please let me know if you manage to know the magic proportions!

Accompanied by roasted vegetables, the Crispy Pork Belly Roulade ($32++) was irresistible with its juicy and tender meat and crispy crackling skin. We heard that it was first infused with winter-time herbs, then slow-roasted to achieve succulent layers of meat and fat, topped off with irresistibly crisp crackling skin.

Her favourite was the Slow-braised Veal Shank ($36++) with truffle mash potatoes and veal juice. Well, I have to agree with her that it was really succulent!

If you like duck, you can try the savoury and sweet Slow-roasted Braised Duck and Cranberry Sauce ($32++) served with red cabbage and potato dumplings. It may be just us, but we found it a little on the tough side.

A festive dinner would not be complete without warm crispy Chocolate Drizzled Waffles ($12++) with walnut ice cream and drizzled molten chocolate.

The walnut ice cream was so good, the single scoop was just not enough to go with the several pieces of waffles!

Sweet and fragrant, the Gluehwein ($12++), a warm mulled red wine, will make you wonder how Brotzeit can offer such wonderful, outstanding authentic German cuisine in Singapore that surpasses that of its origins'. I could almost imagine us having this warm spiced wine with cinnamon, oranges and cloves over the Christmas fireplace and then strolling to a German Christmas market after the nice warm hearty meal.

Let us know in the Comments below if you have also tried Brotzeit's Christmas Menu 2016.
Till then, PROST ("Cheers" in German)!

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