[Review] Our First Meal in our New Home via FoodLine Catering

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If you have been following our Facebook page, you would have known that we had been really busy with the renovations for our new home. It may be spartantly furnished (we tell people it's the "minimalist" concept), but we are proud to call it our first home together - with the renovation and furniture costing all but just S$10K. (pictures at the end of this post) :) 

Amidst the busy renovations and purchase of household items, we also promised our closest friends that we would be hosting a year-end gathering. Initially, I was super gungho about baking some of our airfryer favourites, e.g. quiche, (angmoh) carrot cake, etc. But that's the problem with an overly-optimistic person like me. 

Nearer the time, I realised that we had so many issues: the new vacuum cleaner (of a very good brand) was spoilt, tripped the whole house and spolit 1 of our lights; we had to redo the cleaning as the neighbours were still doing their renovations and the dust kept coming in, etc.

Eventually, we realised that we needed a caterer. Whilst there are various ones in the market, we settled for FoodLine.sg for the following reasons:
  1. Variety of menus (tie-ups with over 150 caterers and cake shops);
  2. Photos acompanying the menus;
  3. Availability of reviews (I am not sure about you, but I would rather believe in reviews than pure advertisements); and
  4. History (Having been in this business for since Year 2009, it should be reliable - a key deciding factor. I'd rather choose an established caterer to outsource my stress to!)

I sorted the menus by the Customers' Review ratings and decided on Golden Pillow 933. Our family loves their famous huge curry chicken bun :)

The check-out process was simple:

I received e-mail & SMS follow-ups from both FoodLine and Golden Pillow 933 to assure me that my order was taken. Golden Pillow 933 also called me to confirm the items. I liked that - Kudos to the service teams!

So, all thanks to FoodLine, everything fell in place. PHEW :)
Clockwise from top right: Fried Beehoon, Golden Pillow Curry Chicken Bun, Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce
Clockwise from top right: Fried Rice, Prawn & Chicken Roll (Ngoh Hiang), Golden Salted Egg Prawns, Mushrooms with Broccoli

We will be holding a few more housewarming and New Year/ Chinese New Year parties in the next few months, so if we cannot cope with the cooking, we will definitely let FoodLine.sg help us again. Btw, their special Christmas menus are up. Do take a look, especially the many yummy logcake pictures!

So yes, we shall end this post with photos of our new home. We chose a white/grey-based theme because we prefer a clean, bright look with neutral tones. We also avoided dark-coloured items, as our parents mentioned that dust would look pretty obvious if we became lazy in our cleaning.

For the kitchen, to be honest, I was quite upset when I viewed it for the first time - it was so much smaller than expected :( We eventually decided on a rather "bare" design - one with few cabinets, as we didn't really want the place to look too claustrophobic and boxy. I hope this was a good decision because I have quite some baking items to bring over from the mother-in-law's place!
PS: Sorry about the mop - cleaning in progress after the party!

We are still on the lookout for nice furniture and household equipment to fill our home, so do alert me if there are upcoming sales. I am eagerly waiting for the post-Christmas sales... muahahaha! *wide grin* :)

 If you have used FoodLine.sg too, tell us your reviews in the Comments below!

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