[Recipe] Our Top 6 Most Popular Airfryer Recipes of Year 2016

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Year in Review

As 2016 came to a close, we reflected what a fantastic year 2016 had been.

We revamped this webpage to make it more reader-friendly, shared many new recipes and food reviews on this blog, posted more pictures and videos on our Instagram page, started contests for fans on our Facebook page, started selling blue pea flowers and seeds in our Facebook Shop to complement our blue pea recipes, and also posted about overseas food/ cooking. On a more personal note, we also moved into our first home this year.

The Hedgehog Knows started off as (and still is) a hobby page in December 2014, fueled by our passion to bring our readers whatever we can share about airfryers, good food and good deals. Thank you for all your comments and feedback. Thank you for just even just clicking "Like" on our Facebook and Instagram posts. They have certainly kept us motivated all these while, knowing that you love them all. It's also something we certainly enjoy doing together as a couple.

Thank You

To thank you, we have put together this post with your top 6 favourite most-viewed airfryer recipes for the year. Keep having fun in the kitchen, experiment more and continue to keep us all inspired. Have a great 2017 ahead! - Love, B & J

6) Milk Tea Muffins/ Cupcakes With Walnuts Using Airfryer (link)

This moist muffin recipe is one of my most favourite. Made with 3-in-1 tea powder (in a sachet) as one of they key ingredients, these simple muffins are quick to bake and perfect for last minute parties. Most of all, this recipe is so verstatile. Readers have shared their various different muffins using this recipes, e.g. milk coffee. What type of muffin will you bake?
>> Pinterest link here.

5) Savoury Cheese Wheat Buns Using Breadmaker and Airfryer (link)

This recipe was borne out of my experiments using the breadmaker and airfryer. The family loves the cheesy flavours from these pull-apart buns. Feel free to have fun with this recipe - you can add ham, bacon etc for a nice homemade breakfast!
>> Pinterest link here.

4) Piglet Lotus Paste Mooncakes Using Airfryer (link)

Yes, we know you love these cute piglets. We love them too! They may be a bit more time-consuming to mould, but are a delight for all children.
>> Pinterest link here.

3) The Hedgehog's Awesomely Chocolate Cake Using Airfryer (link)

This basic chocolate cake recipe is foolproof, one which I have replicated many times. And as you know, chocolate cakes are crowd-pleasers for the young and old. Feel free to slap on your favourite ganache to make it into a luxurious birthday cake, or a simple icing recipe to make a naked cake for a girly afternoon tea session.
>> Pinterest link here.

2) Pineapple Tarts Using Airfryer (link)

Pineapple tarts are a symbol of good wealth, fortune and prosperity. This recipe yields pineapple tarts with lovely melt-in-mouth buttery crusts. Simply a must-have for Chinese New Year!
>> Pinterest link here.

1) Apple Pies Using Airfryer (link)

And number #1. Apple pies using the airfryer. If you have been our loyal fan, chances are you would have seen or tried out this recipe. These apple pies are made using fresh apples and also incredibly easy because we use frozen puff pastry.
>> Pinterest link here.

Tried any of the above recipes? Tell us your thoughts in the Comments below.
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Even I had a good experience with the Philips Air fryer,sharing the same with you all...Do read


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Glad you enjoy using your airfryer too. Cheers and happy to share recipes!

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Every food looks tasty. The secret might be on the airfryer. I wanted to know more about it. You did good dishes. Nice!