[Review] Weekend Teatime Classics at 10 @ Claymore (Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore)

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In Chinese tradition, the Lunar New Year lasts for 15 days. If you are looking for somewhere to catch up with your family and friends this February, why not meet for a casual afternoon high-tea? Not everyone has the same taste, so buffets are usually better in catering different individuals' preferences.

The Weekend Teatime Classics at 10 @ Claymore in Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore is a brand new afternoon high-tea buffet, and offers a wide variety of dishes. From meat, seafood, vegetables, local delights to desserts, it is sure to please the young and old.

Veggies/ Tofu
For someone like me who likes my veggies, the Yong Tau Foo was certainly one of the highlights of the buffet. I especially loved the clear broth that went with the tofu and eggplant. Did you know that egg plant is super high in antioxidants?

I sometimes over-indulge in desserts at tea buffets and then regret later. But over-indulging in this dish certainly won't make me regret! :)

If you have read my reviews before, you will know that while I don't mind having some spices, I just cannot take it. In Chinese, it's called 心有余,而力不足 (in English: the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak).

Hence, I would say that this Singapore Laksa was one of the best I have ever had. The broth was flavourful and the spice level was just right. Of course, if you like your chilli, just splash some on!

Don't miss the award-winning Peddlers' Famous Char Kway Teow either. There is good wok hei in this dish and (don't say I say) feel free to get your extra hums too. :)

Meat & Seafood
I have been to 10 @ Claymore several times, and their meats never disappoint. The USA Lamb is succulent, and one of the must-haves - especially if you are a carnivore.

I have friends who like to take lots of seafood to make their buffet more value-for-money. So if you are one of them, remember to get your Fresh Prawns too.

Dim Sum
Light bites are aplenty here, and it's nice to have a little Har Gao or Spring Roll while chatting with friends. 

I am not sure about you, but I dislike talking with my mouth full. Imagine a friend talking to you, but you cannot reply cos you are still busily chewing through a tough piece of beef. Damn sia suay (embarrassing), I tell you.

What's a high-tea buffet without desserts? I would highly recommend the Homemade Charcoal Scones. It's not overly sweet and I love the dense (yet light) and crumbly texture. They certainly went well with the strawberry jam!

Overall, the Weekend Teatime Classics at 10 @ Claymore offers a good variety. The cosy ambience also makes it a great place for a nice slow catch up with family and friends.

Available on weekends from 12nn to 3pm at $48++ adults/ $24++ for children, it is also one of the most value-for-money high-tea buffets around in town. Go give it a try too and let us know how you rate it! :)

PS: We heard that the Chinese New Year Buffet Lunch and Dinner offered at 10 @ Claymore during this festive season is really good too. There are 5 varieties of Freshly-shucked Oysters (symbolising wealth and proseprity), Eight Treasures Lotus Leaf Rice, Fatt Choy with Sea Cucumber and Superior Fish Maw Soup - amongst others.

Buffet Lunch: 
Weekdays: $42++ adults/ $21++ for children; Weekends: $48++ adults/ $24++ for children

Buffet Dinner: 
Daily: $68++ adults/ $34++ for children

The above Buffet High-tea, Lunch and Dinner are available only till 28 February 2017.

10 @ Claymore
Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore (website here)
Reservations tel: 6831 6686

 If you have visited 10 @ Claymore too, share your reviews with us in the Comments below!

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jared's mum
19 February 2017 at 18:10 delete

I've fallen in love with tea last year, but I have yet to experience something like this. Everything you featured all looks yummy. They are making my stomach rumble just by looking at them! I sure hope I can find a similar offering here in our city so we can experience a lovely tea time soon!

20 February 2017 at 21:08 delete

I've been a tea lover since i had some problems with digestion years back. Now i cant sleep without having tea before bedtime. This place looks amazing and those spread of food seems to be very promising! Im drooling! :)