[Review] Tovolo Flex-Core™ Silicone Spatula

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Whether you are a homechef or someone just starting out on your culinary journey, I would suggest that you invest in a good silicone spatula. It is one of the most versatile utensils I have, as it can be used during the entire cooking process - from mixing and stirring to flipping and cooking. 

In my last recipe post of the gluten-free, oil-free and butter-free Almond Honey Cake, I shared how I love my new Tovolo Flex-Core™ Wood Handled Silicone Spatula. If you are looking for a spatula, I would highly recommend that you get this - designed to be your most trustworthy kitchen workhorse. Here's why!

1. Great For Mixing & Folding

The spatula is firm, broad and thin enough for me to do some nifty mixing and folding. I know these may be the most basic roles of a spatula, but its ergonomic design somehow makes the process really comfortable. Not tiring at all!

2. Easy to Scrap Down

I love how fast I can scrape down all the batter and reach the sides of my round mixing bowl so easily - compared to the old spatula I have been using. With a few scapes, all the batter fell into the baking pan. The spatula head has a right balance of flexibility and firmness to do the job, and I like how it is sharper at the edges. The two corners certainly helped to reach all the way to the tigher spots!

3. Able to Withstand High Temperatures


The husband is super particular (or should I say, overly obsessive) about not using plastic and aluminium foil for food preparation and cooking, so I now pay extra attention to the material when buying new cooking utencils and appliances. I was initially sceptical about using silicone to be honest, but this spatula is made of high quality BPA-free food-safe silicone that is able to withstand heat at up to 315°C. YAY to faster wash-ups because I don't need to especially take out that metallic wok shovel!

4. Always Cool to Touch

Speaking of the metallic wok shovel, parts of it can get really hot while cooking, so I like how this silicone-wood spatula removes all that danger. Safety is an especially important factor if there are kids around the house.

5. Easy to Wash

The spatula's head is removable, so users can pull the head out from its handle for washing in the dishwasher. This is a rare feature for spatulas. Definitely another plus point.

6. Available in 6 Different Colours!

Ok, I know this last one is a really bimbo reason, but who can resist having one of these bright bold colours to liven up the kitchen? :)

This Tovolo spatula is available from Kitchenary,
the exclusive distributor in Singapore for Tovolo that offers premium baking, cooking and kitchen accessories.

Note: While my spatula was sponsored, the views are completely my own. :)

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