[Review] Parent-Child Organic Cupcake Baking cum Decoration Workshop at Bud of Joy Organic Bakery & Store

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What were one of the most memorable things you did over the school holidays?

For us, we joined the Parent-Child Organic Cupcake Baking and Decoration Workshop at Bud of Joy Organic Bakery & Store and it was a really enriching experience!

Bud of Joy Organic Bakery & Store

Bud of Joy Organic Bakery & Store, located 5 minutes’ walk away from MacPherson MRT, is a simple, down-to-earth bakery providing nutritious organic baked good and baking classes.

I like how this bakery prides itself in using ingredients that are safe from pesticides, chemical fertilisers, growth hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, colours and bread improvers. Everything is so wholesome!

Organic Cupcake Baking and Decoration Workshop

I had told C about this workshop one week before the session and she was excitedly reminding me all week about it – every day. Her latest ambition (read: obsession) is to be a baker when she grows up, so every morning till the day of the class, I was greeted with “Mommy mommy, are we going for the class today?”

The Organic Cupcake Baking and Decoration Workshop is a parent-child session and suitable for children ages 4 to 12 years old. The class size is kept small, at the maximum of 5 pairs of adults and children.

We learnt how to make the cupcake batter from scratch, bake the cupcake and decorate them.

True to the bakery’s ethos, the ingredients used were organic and natural. For instance, we used organic unbleached flour and the colour dyes were freshly extracted from dried blue pea flowers and beetroot.

The session started with a safety briefing and I felt that it was a really important reminder for the children to be aware of their surroundings.

The workshop continued in two phases: (a) cake batter demonstration and hands-on preparation; (b) buttercream demonstration and hands-on decoration.

(A) Cake Batter Demonstration and Hand-On Preparation

Chef demonstrated the steps to us, patiently also answering the various questions we had.

Using the recipe hand-outs, we then proceeded to our respective work-tables to weigh out the respective ingredients and make our own batter. During the session, chef and his assistant also came around to assist us.

After the batter was ready, each pair then filled the batter into 4 muffin cups and they proceeded to be baked into the ovens.

(B) Buttercream Demonstration and Hands-on Decoration

Whilst our muffins were being baked, chef demonstrated to us how to make the buttercream.

For the children, it was an eye-opener seeing the colours extracted from the dried blue pea flowers and fresh beetroot, and then mixed into the buttercream! It was also an opportunity for us to learn about colours.

As chef had prepared enough buttercream to be split for everyone in the class, the only hands-on session thereafter was the cupcake decoration.


Overall, I found this baking cum cupcake decoration workshop to be a great bonding activity for C and I, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I like how we were taught to use natural colourings for the buttercream and the ingredients used were healthy and wholesome. For her, she definitely had a blast fulfilling her dream to be a baker and of course baking and decorating beautiful cupcakes for the whole family!

I also have to commend chef for being very patient and he could definitely engage the children well. The children were kept wide-eyed throughout the 2-hour session.

I also liked that attending a class meant that I didn't have to do all the washing and clean-up thereafter. Baking with children can be a really messy affair! 

The whole flow of the workshop was also well thought through and time-efficient. For instance, while waiting for the cupcakes to be baked, the buttercream was being demonstrated.

When we were back home, C told everyone how she used the blue pea flowers and beetroot to make the colours on her pastel-coloured cupcakes and wanted us to do them together at home next time.

Yes dear, I would love to! But we have to do the clean-up together, okay? ;)


Organic Cupcake Baking and Decoration Workshop
  • 2-hour demonstration and hands-on workshop.
  • All equipment and ingredients are provided.
  • Each child brings home his/ her very own decorated cupcakes.
  • High quality organic ingredients used.
  • $78 for each adult-child pair.
  • Sign up 3 adult-child pairs and save $24 in total.
  • Details of workshop/ sign up: Here

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