[Recipe] Chocolate Cake Using Airfryer

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If you were to ask me to bake a cake, this chocolate one would definitely comes to my mind. 

Not only is this cake really easy to bake, it is super moist and fluffy. Throw in some nuts and top it off with some chocolate ganache or even basic icing sugar, and it would make the best classic chocolate cake ever. 

Oh and of course, if you only have to master one cake recipe, this would be THE one because chocolate never gets out of season!

Chocolate Cake Recipe

Yield: 2 mini bundt cakes 
(Each NordicWare Bundt Pan is of 0.7L size)


170g sugar
115g cake flour
45g unsweetened cocoa powder
3/4 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

1 egg, beaten
120g milk
55g oil
1 tsp vanilla extract

120ml boiling water
1 sachet of instant coffee powder (without milk and sugar)

(D) - Optional
50g pecans, crushed


1) Preheat.
Preheat airfryer at 160 degrees.

2) Combine.
Combine ingredients in (A).

3) Combine.
In another mixing bowl, combine ingredients in (B).

4) Combine.
Make hot coffee using the ingredients in (C).

Tips: Don't worry, it won't make your cake bitter. In fact, coffee and chocolate complement very well with each other!

5) Combine.
Mix (B) and (C) together. Combine well.

6) Brush
Grease the sides of the baking tin with some oil/ melted butter.

7) Combine.
To the dry ingredients (A), dig a circle/ well. Add the wet ingredients from Step #5 (and pecans, optional) into (A). Mix well until there are no lumps.

Tips: The batter will look thin and runny at this stage, but don't worry - it's okay.

8)  Pour and Cover.
Pour the batter into two 6-inch cake pans. Cover with aluminium foil and poke a few holes.

Bake each cake in airfryer at 160 degrees for 20 min. Remove the aluminium foil and continue for another 3 to 5 min until the toothpick comes out clean.  

10) Cool.
Cool the cake in the pan for 20 min. Run a toothpick around the sides of the pan and carefully remove the cake. Enjoy!

Tips: Please do not skip this step as the cake is very soft and moist. Otherwise, the cake may break apart!

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