[Review] Mid-Autumn Delights at Mandarin Orchard Singapore

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It’s the time of the year - Mid-Autumn Festival! I have a weakness for all things sweet, so am really looking forward to indulging in mooncakes again.

This year, Mandarin Orchard Singapore looks set to up its game through a selection of exquisite traditional and innovative mooncakes handcrafted to perfection.

Limited Edition Mini Baked Mooncakes
Making its debut this year are the Limited Edition Mini Baked Mooncakes (S$75/box of 8 minis) made using high quality ingredients sourced from Japan, and the selection includes Purple Potato, Chestnut, Matcha Red Bean and White Kidney Bean flavours. If you like baked mooncakes and are open to trying innovative twists, these special delights inspired by exotic Japanese ingredients will go right up your alley.

Personally, I like the Matcha Red Bean one the most. The smooth green tea paste offered distinct earthy tones and the red bean bits added a little texture to these delicate jewels.

Snow Skin Mooncakes
For those who love velvety snow skin mooncakes, this year’s collection (S$66/box of 8 minis) includes Yam Paste and White Chocolate-coated Yam, Red Wine Cranberry Paste with Japanese Yuzu and Lemongrass, Green Tea Paste with Azuki Red Bean and Lychee Martini and Chocolate.

My top pick is the Lychee Martini and Chocolate version as they are almost like truffle chocolates which melt in the mouth. I also like how the Red Wine Cranberry Paste with Japanese Yuzu and Lemongrass mooncakes offer a light and refreshing treat.  

Traditional Baked Mooncakes
Reminisce about the good old days with these baked classics. With flavours ranging from the usual Double Yolk and While Lotus Paste to Azuki Red Bean Paste and Pine Nuts (S$70-75/box of 4 pieces), you know you just can't go wrong with these if you are buying them as gifts for the elders.

The Baked Mooncakes with Mixed Nuts and Jamón Ibérico made a strong impression with its blend of savoury and sweet flavours and nutty textures. For the health-conscious, I would recommend the Macadamia Nuts and Low Sugar White Lotus Paste mooncakes for the generous servings of macadamia nuts and mildy sweet paste that come with every bite.

Mandarin Orchard Singapore’s mooncake collection offers an extensive range of traditional favourites and modern flavours that would tantalise even the most discerning tastebuds. Elegantly presented in an auspicious red gift box with intricate lattice elements, these handcrafted treasures make meaningful gifts for family and friends.

Exclusive credit card discounts
They are available at the hotel’s Festive Counter (Level 1 Lobby) as follows:

Early Bird until 10 Aug 2017 
- DBS: 25% off.
- Bank of China, Citibank, Maybank, Standard Chartered, UOB and OCBC: 20% off.

From 11 Aug 2017 onwards:
- DBS: 20% off.

- Bank of China, Citibank, Maybank, Standard Chartered, UOB and OCBC: 15% off.

Mandarin Orchard Singapore
333 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238867.
Tel: 6831 6320/6262 

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