[Review] Omakase at Mizuya House (fka Southpaw Bar & Sushi)

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(Update Aug 2019: Southpaw has been rebranded to be known as Mizuya House)

If you are an adventurous foodie, an omakase-styled meal would go right down your alley. Located off the city centre near Lavender is Southpaw Bar & Sushi, a new 12-seater dinner-only restaurant which serves omakase with whiskey pairing.

Omakase, which means "I will leave it up to you" in Japanese, refers to a meal where the diner entrusts the chef to serve whatever is the freshest and best available. Here at Southpaw, leave your dinner in the hands of Chef Kenny who has 17 years of experience in Japanese cuisine under his belt, and you are sure to step out satiated after being served dishes in the likes of oysters, sashimi and sushi.

While Bara Chirashi rice bowls and sushi sets are available, the omakase sets (S$68+/ S$98+/ S$138+) are the signatures so we ordered the 6-course Omakase Take Set ($98+).

Having omakase can be a gamble, let alone at a new restaurant. However, it was within such initimate setting that I observed the premium fresh ingredients used (and camaraderie between restaurant owner Roy and this two staff), and my initial skepticism gave way into anticipation as the evening went along.

Roy also brings to the table his years of experience as a whiskey connoisseur, so expect recommendations of whiskey pairings with your meal.

1st Course: Appetiser
This dish consists of the chef's selection of 2 appetisers. 

That evening, we were served the Salmon Cartilage and Scottish Loch Fyne Oyster. Salmon soft-bone cartilage is rarely served, so I knew we would be in for a treat for the rest of the evening. The oyster was overall fleshy and 
nutty. If you are looking for something unorthodox, do leave a little oyster "juice" behind in the shell and try sipping it up with some whiskey!

Salmon Cartilage: 

Scottish Loch Fyne Oyster:

2nd Course: Salmon Carpaccio
Next up was a dish of finely-sliced Salmon Carpaccio with caviar and toasted bonito flakes. Bearing tinges of truffle oil, this dish was well executed and I would say that it is clearly able to hold its own as one of this dining establishment's signature dishes.

Salmon Carpaccio:

3rd Course: Sashimi
The beautifully-plated sashimi platter, another highlight of the evening, showcased Chef Kenny's fine culinary skills. 

We were served some really fresh Shima Aji (horse mackerel fish), Tai Fish (sea bream), Akagai (blood clam), Octopus, Tuna and Prawn nestled amongst a mint leaf, chrysanthemum and mustard flower. The garnishes, with their respective distinct flavours, added depth to the dish.

Sashimi Platter:
4th Course: Sushi
A medley of seven handcrafted Sushis ensued. Served from the mildest to the strongest flavours, it was evident that much thought went into the creation of these intricate pieces. Each sushi was paired with its own seasoning to best bring out its character, rendering the freshly-grated wasabi and soya sauce almost redundent. 

My favourite were the Salmon Sushi and Foie Gras Sushi. The sesame bonito flakes offered the salmon sushi a totally different punch from those hastily-prepared ones usually offered elsewhere, whilst the torched foie gras sushi simply oozed sophistication.

Chef Kenny preparing the Fois Gras Sushi:

Below were the sushis served:

 Flounder Fish Sushi:

Tuna Belly Sushi with creamy hand-grated Mountain Yam:

Ika (squid) Sushi with Lemon and Rock Salt:

Osmakera Aji Sushi:

(What do you think this resembles? :p )

Salmon Sushi with Sesame Bonito Flakes:
Fois Gras Sushi:

5th Course: Miso Soup
After a meal of raw dishes, the warm homemade Miso Soup with clams offered a comforting touch - though I somehow wished that it was served as an earlier course.

6th Course: Dessert
Our evening ended off with some creamy and deliciously nutty Black Sesame Ice Cream flown direct from Japan.

Hot Green Tea may be the most conventional drink to go along with Japanese food, but here, I would suggest that you take your dinner with a whiskey.

Owner Roy recommended the Dirty High Ball Whiskey made with yuzu bits and natural essential oils from the yuzu peel. Bearing refreshing tinges of citrus flavours, it also served as a palate cleanser.

Diners going for omakase meals usually expect the chef to display culinary artistry and innovation in the selection of dishes, and I would say that this new dining establishment really pulled it off. Much thought was given to the preparation and presentation of each dish.

I enjoyed how the unhurried meal over a cosy ambience allowed me to unwind after a long day, and the interaction between the staff and and us diners made the experience even more special.

Do note that reservations are required. The last order is at 9pm, but expect the entire meal to last for at least 2.5 hours.

*The Hedgehog Knows Readers' Special* 
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Southpaw Bar & Sushi
  11 Cavan Rd, Cavan Suites, 
Singapore 209848
Telephone: +65 9101 1941

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