[Recipe] Salmon and Egg Wrap Using Airfryer

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We have been really busy since the year started, but here's one quick and simple recipe using the airfryer - healthy Salmon and Egg Wrap! A dish that offers high quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids, we also love how this can be done in under 30 min.

This recipe is very adaptable and is perfect if you have leftovers. Have some tuna, ham, cheese, lettuce or tomatoes to clear out from your fridge? Sure, of course those can go in! :)

Salmon and Egg Wrap Using Airfryer

Yield: 4 wraps

260g salmon
4 eggs
Pork floss (optional)
4 ready-made wraps
French dressing/ mayonnaise

1) Preheat.
Preheat airfryer at 160 degrees for 3 min.

2) Cook salmon.
Prepare the salmon until it is 80% cooked. The salmon should look light pink and the flesh is soft to pull apart.
- Steam: Only 8 min (out of the usual 10 min) over medium fire.
- Airfry: Only 8 min (out of the usual 10 min) at 160 degrees. (Refer to our airfryer rosemary salmon recipe here.)

3) Cook eggs.
Again, prepare the eggs until they are 80% cooked. You may do it sunny side up style or scrambled.
- Airfry scrambled eggs: Only 8 min (out of the usual 10 min) at 140 min. (Refer to our airfryer scrambled egg recipe here.)

4) Assemble.
It's time to assemble the first wrap! With one wrap laid out flat, add the ingredients in this order:
- 1 egg, followed by
- 60g of mashed salmon. and
- Some pork floss.
- Finally, top the fillings with some dressing.

5) Fold.
- Fold in the sides on the left and right. Add some dressing to help you "glue" the sides. 
- Thereafter, fold the top and bottom sides, again using some dressing to seal the ends.

<<Repeat the above steps for the second wrap.>>

6)  Airfry.
Place the 2 wraps in the airfryer (placing it directly on the mesh is actually preferred). Airfry at 150 degrees for 6 min. No flipping is required.
7) Serve.
Slice the wrap in the middle. You are now ready to serve your first 2 wraps! 

<<Repeat the above steps for the remaining 2 wraps.>>

Best eaten when warm and crispy. :)

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Thanks very much for your helpful tips!! Those things happen to me on a regular basis and I don’t know what to do but you helped me a lot! Thanks again.
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