[Recipe] Doggy-Shaped Butter Cookies Using Airfryer

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It's almost the Chinese New Year (CNY) again, and this year I've been so swarmed with other work that I haven't made able to start baking my CNY goodies - until just 2 weeks back.

Last year, I baked Pineapple Tarts (recipe here) that looked like little chicks to celebrate the Year of the Rooster and they were really well-received. Of course, I had fun baking them too!
To celebrate this year's Lunar Year of the Dog, here are some cute Doggy-Shaped Butter Cookies. It has a sandy cumbly texture and I really love the strong buttery taste.

The good thing about them is that they are bite-sized and not so over-the-top, so you can actually bake them any time of the year. Have fun!

Doggy-Shaped Butter Cookies

Yield: 24 cookies

Basic cookie:
140g top/ cake flour (plain flour is fine too)
100g unsalted butter
40g castor sugar
Pinch of salt

Koko Krunch cereal
Chocolate rice
Chocolate chips


1) Cream.
Cream butter and sugar.
2. Combine.
Add the flour and salt. Mix well to form a soft dough.

Tips: It will look a bit dry at this stage, but it will be fine after Step #3.
3. Cool.
Wrap the dough in a cling wrap and put it in the freezer for 15 min till the dough firms up.
4. Preheat.
Preheat the airfryer at 150 degrees for 3 min.

5. Shape.
Weigh 10g of dough and shape them into round balls.
6. Design.
Press one of the balls slightly down to flatten it. Then, 
- Add the Koko Krunch as ears;
- 2 pieces of chocolate rice as eyes; and 
- 1 piece of chocolate chip as the nose (pointed side facing in).
Repeat for the next balls.

Tips: Flattening the balls slightly somehow reduces the chance of having "cracked" faces. :)

7. Bake.
Bake in airfryer at 150 degrees for 13 min.
Cool for at least 15 min before serving. Enjoy! :)

Fans' Feature:
I love these Doggy-Shaped Butter Cookies by Junie Chai! The red hearts give them such a pretty CNY feel. 
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