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Did you know that daily showers could result in over-exposure to chlorine? 

Based on reports from PUB's Water Quality Office, it was found that surprisingly, Singapore's tap water contains almost the same amount of cholrine as that in swimming pools - with an average of 2.45mg of chlorine per litre of water. (For context, a recent Straits Times article shared that an average person consumed 150 litres of water per day in 2016.)

Such over-exposure to chlorine can strip our hair and skin of moisture and natural oils, resulting in dry skin, frizzy hair and even chronic eczema.

Sonaki Vitamin C Showerhead

This Korean bestseller showerhead with its anti-chlorine filters is known to wash away hair and skin worries during every shower.

Over a long term, users can expect to enjoy silkier hair, smoother skin, less skin irritation, less hair fall and less dandruff. It is suitable for those with sensitive skin, and that means it is baby/ pet-friendly too!

First, let's install it.

My existing showerhead was the original one included in HDB's BTO units. Installation of the Sonaki showerhead was way easier than I expected. Just 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Unscrew existing showerhead from hose.
Step 2: Screw the new showerhead onto the existing hose.

Step 3: Check water flow.
Tips: If you experience slight leakage after installation, your hose’s O-ring may be worn out from previous use. Simply replace the O-ring or tape it up.


The first visible effect of this new showerhead was the water pressure. It was firm and the massaging effect felt very comforting and relaxing after a long day of work.

In case you are wondering if the massage effect would result in higher water usage, that wouldn't happen. Sonaki's showerheads are specially designed to offer optimum water pressure without increasing water bills.

After just a few washes, my hair certainly felt smoother and softer. I can't wait to see other improvements in my skin after a while!

Another plus point was how luxurious the showerhead looked. I was coincidentally looking for a fancier-looking one to replace my standard BTO one, and this is definitely much better aesthetically.

Try it today too!

Sonaki's Vitamin C showerheads are available in 3 designs: Rain, Lotus or Crystal, and mine is the Lotus one.
  • Rain: Recreates the misty sensation of falling rain.
  • Lotus: Offers a relaxing shower.
  • Crystal: Both the misty and shower settings.

Each showerhead comes with one filter as well, and each filter lasts for 3 to 6 months. Additional refills are available at S$21 for a pack of 3. That's a relatively small investment for the whole family compared to a bottle of branded moisturiser/ shampoo that costs much more. :)

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For more information and purchase, visit Sonaki Singapore's webpage.

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