[Review] Don Quijote Restaurant: Authentic Spanish Food, Freshest Ingredients

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Singaporean gourmands who like Spanish food will be familiar with Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant located at Dempsey Hill. Having been in the dining scene for the past 10 years, Don Quijote has made a name for itself for being the go to place for indulging in critically acclaimed authentic Spanish cuisine in a contemporary friendly setting.

In case you were wondering, we initially thought that the restaurant may have been named after a Spanish conquistador who conquered an empire, but we learnt that Don Quijote was actually the chivalric main character in a Spanish novel, one of the world's best works of fiction.

The Spanish enjoy communal dining as part of their culture, so true to traditional Spanish style, Don Quijote serves its food in  sharing or tapas style. With an extensive spread in their menu, the restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes from tapas and salads to pastas and of course paella.

So here begins our gastronomic adventures!


One of the more unique dishes here is the Grilled Spanish 'Secret' Iberian Pork (S$26++). It is actually an open secret that any butcher will keep these best parts for themselves. Hence, we would say that this Spanish iberian pork could also be called the Butcher's Cut.

Iberian pork is different from any other pork in the world. The pigs eat acorn and grass, so its diet is pretty clean unlike some of the pigs in other parts of the world. And this is probably the reason why the spanish people eat iberian pork half raw. It doesn't have to be fully cooked to be enjoyed and you get to see the reddish meat like a piece of steak. Perfect!
For those who prefer seafood, you will love the Live Prawns in Garlic and Olive Oil (S$18++) or Grilled Spicy Squid (on special order). The wife liked how fresh and succulent the prawns were, and I really enjoyed the squids.

Depending on one's ability to handle spicy food, the squids may not cater to every palate. While Spanish food in general isn't spicy, this dish was tweaked to cater to a local audience and I must say that this is one mouthwatering dish done right. The spices with the squid made for a potent combination that definitely did not disappoint. In fact, it was one of my favourite dishes that evening. Simply divine.

If you are here with the family, I would recommend the Meatballs in Apple Sauce (S$13++) and Croquettes With Spanish Iberico Ham (S$16++) as the more child-friendly dishes.

Meatballs may be synonymous to Ikea, but these meatballs were way better and very delectable - unlike those that one may get from Ikea (with a strange taste). The apple sauce was a little sourish and complemented well with the meatballs.

The croquettes made with mashed potatoes, iberico ham and creamy bechamel sauce were very flavourful. They were soft on the inside, yet delightfully crispy on the outside. Eat them while they are still hot!

Meat Mains

One of the more popular dishes here at Don Quijote is the Oxtail Stew (S$16++). A stalwart on the menu, we heard that this recipe had remained unchanged since the restaurant first began. When we tried the dish, the reason was obvious. The oxtail was very tender and well marinated, and the meat simply fell off the bones.

If dining in a large group, we would recommend the Oven Roast Spanish Suckling Pig (S$329++) and Charcoal Flame-Grilled Bone-In Tomahawk Rib Steak (S$18++/ 100g).

Don Quijote prides itself for offering piglets authentically airflown from Spain, while most other restaurants' are from Malaysia. The last time we had very good Spanish suckling pig was from Catalunya, a Spanish restaurant which had since closed in mid-2016, so you could imagine our excitement when this dish was served.

On special request, we watched with bated breath how the edge of a plate was used to cut through the pig - a testament to how perfectly done the suckling pigs were. Indeed, the skin was so crispy, and the meat was so soft and tender!

Another dish which left an impression with its dramatic yet elegant presentation was the tomahawk steak, named simply because of its resemblance to a tomahawk axe. For this steak, the bone is usually left to enhance the taste of this flavourful cut.

Uncooked, this 400-day grain-fed Australian wagyu that we had weighed a hefty 1.5kg. Despite its size, the steak was overall very juicy. The chef shared that to achieve that, the wagyu of Marbling Score 5 had to be chosen to strike a balance between the juiciness and the ability to still provide the meaty flavours. Overall, it's the perfect dish for impressing guests. Do note that this dish requires a 1 day advance order.

Paella/ Pasta

A Spanish meal is, of course, never complete without the traditional paella or a pasta, so we ordered the Seafood Paella (S$65++) and Squid Ink Pasta (S$65++) for sharing. 

We chose to top up the paella and pasta with live Baby Boston Lobster (on special order), and the addition of fresh lobster enhanced the dishes' flavours substantially. Both dishes were so good! If anyone has a craving for paella, you must not go without the yummy baby lobsters.

Drinks/ Desserts

For drinks, we would recommend that you pair your steak and dinner with the Sangria Tinto (S$14.50++), a red wine with chopped fruits such as pears and apples.

Despite being very satiated from the wonderful tapas and mains, we ordered 2 desserts: a Warm Chocolate Lava Cake (S$19++) and Churros with Chocolate Sauce (S$12++).

One may think that a lava cake would be very predictable, but Don Quijote outdoes itself by using premium blanxart chocolate from Barcelona. In fact, Don Quijote is the only dining establishment in Singapore that imports this Spanish chocolate into Singapore.

Together with the churros which were served hot and crispy with tinges of cinnamon sugar, the desserts provided the perfect end to our authentically Spanish dinner.



Overall, Don Quijote offers premium authentic Spanish food using homemade recipes and the freshest ingredients. We highly recommend it for family meals or gatherings with large groups of friends.

PS: When you are here, do take time to admire the photos too. Depicting various scenes of nature and the people in Spain, the photos were all painstakingly taken by the owner himself. :)

Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant
Block 7, Dempsey Road,
#01-02, Singapore 249671

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