[Review] Bober Tea: The Latest Tea Joint in Bishan!

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Infused fruit tea has been the latest food/ drink trend in Singapore recently and probably an evolution from the bubble tea craze during my school days. It is not difficult to see why fruits have become a part of this fad, given the more health-conscious youth of today.

Riding on this wave is Bober Tea which offers a variety of innovative drinks using tea blends as its base, and we heard that the inspirations behind this came from the owner's travels in Taiwan, Japan and China.

Conveniently located at Bishan MRT Exit C, this new stall offers a wide range of creative premium drinks such as yakult tea, Hokkaido milk cap tea and of course the usual bubble milk tea. Premium ingredients are used, including Hokkaido milk and pure matcha powder for the tea, and collagen jelly, aloe vera jelly, Okinawa black sugar and fresh fruits such as passionfruits, strawberries and grapefruits for the toppings.

On entering the stall, we were intrigued by the wide variety of drinks available. They include the Roasted Walnut Oolong Milk Tea (S$3.00), Salted Caramel Milk Tea (S$3.50), Black Sugar Konjac Jelly Milk Tea (S$3.60), Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea with Boba Pop (S$5.50) etc. We were really spoilt for choice!

Since its opening earlier this month, the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Hot Brown Sugar Pearls (S$3.80) has been the bestseller.

We tried some of the selections and have to say that the drinks were overall not overly sweet and offered a good alternative to plain old brewed tea.

Here are our top 5 recommendations!

1) For a refreshing taste: Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea with Boba Pop

For those who prefer something more digestive after a heavy meal, the Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea with Boba Pop (S$5.50) is a good choice. This fruity green tea was refreshing with generous slices of fresh grapefuit, and I loved how the popping boba toppings tickled my palate. It was so fun bursting those balls of fruit juices in my mouth and definitely a more enjoyable alternative to chewing on the normal tapioca pearls in bubble teas (especially for lazy people like me).

In case you have not tried boba pops before, they are juice-filled balls with thin gel-like skin. The ingredients generally consist of water, sugar, fruit juice or other fruity flavours and they are really fun because they burst when squeezed!


2) For the health-conscious: Supreme Fruit Burst

For the more health-conscious, this will definitely go up your alley: The Supreme Fruit Burst (S$7.20) with a choice of green tea or red tea base. At 1000ml, this towering cup comes with a generous filling of various fresh fruits such as strawberries, watermelon, orange and lime. Top marks for creativity also for the use of passionfruits bits in place of tapioca pearls!

3) For Better Skin: Ayu Lemon Yakult with Aloe Vera

Overall a sour and refreshing drink, the Ayu Lemon Yakult with Aloe Vera (S$5.90) came in a base of yakult and tea which surprisingly complemented well with each other. Aloe vera is known to be effective in treating a variety of skin ailments such as dry or sunburnt skin. With a generous serving of aloe vera, one can't help but feel better (especially on the outside) after drinking it!

4) For the Milk Lover: Hokkaido Milk Cap Green Tea

The Hokkaido Milk Cap Green Tea (S$4.10) was named as such, as it was designed to have a layer of milk on the top. Somehow though, when I finally got to my drink an hour later, the layers were mixed up and the owner shared that it was because of the choice of lighter (and healthier) Hokkaido milk used instead of cream. Interestingly and contrary to what your eyes may tell you, this drink bears a strong tea taste which at times overpowers the milk. I like it!

5) For the Lactose-Intolerant: Golden Oolong Tea with Roasted Walnut

For the traditionalist or lactose-intolerant, take the Golden Oolong Tea with Roasted Walnut (S$2.40 + $0.60 for walnut toppings). The earthy taste of the walnut bits goes really well with the tea fragrance!


Jumping on this latest tea trend is Bober Tea which offers innovative drinks with premium ingredients and toppings. The wide variety of drinks means that there is something for everyone - great for bringing to parties or family gatherings! Personally, I like how I can customise my drinks with toppings such as boba pops, aloe vera jelly or even collagen jelly.

Btw, something I also love and didn't expect was getting a cute cartoon box which came with each purchase of 6 drinks. With hand-drawn motifs, these take-away boxes were just too cute to resist!

Bober Tea
200 Bishan Road #01-01,
Singapore 579827
(Bishan MRT Exit C)

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