[Review] KECha @ Far East Plaza: Where To Get The Most Insta-Worthy Drinks In Town!

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The local tea scene in Singapore has lately seen rapid evolvement with the opening of many tea chains across shopping malls in the town and suburban areas. These tea chains tend to serve fruit-based drinks, and it is not difficult to see why fruits have become a part of this fad, given the more health-conscious youths of today.

While there may be a group of drinkers that patronise their favourite chains because of addiction or be part of the "in" crowd, some may just be curious onlookers who would like to know more about this new trend. 

For those in the latter group, just head over to Far East Plaza. This mall, once the most "hip" place for youngsters after school, is home to many up-and-coming tea chains - one of which is KECha Singapore.

KECha Singapore

My interest in KECha was first piqued when I saw the Instagram-worthy drinks with various colours on social media. 

KECha, from Taiwan, offers a range of healthy drinks in stunning colors from fruit/ flower-based teas to the usual milk-based ones. The drinks are served in reusable bottles, so thumbs-up to Kecha for its eco-friendly effort!
For those who are health conscious, you will be pleased to know that their various drinks recipes are specially concocted with no added colouring or sugar and the purple colouring is naturally derived from butterfly pea. While most are attracted by the mesmerising shades, I love it for their health properties as they are known to help to detoxify the body and slow down the ageing process. (I grow blue pea plants at home!)

With more than 45 drinks on the menu, many of which look equally attractive, I am sure you will take a while to decide which flavour you want, so below are their Top 5 Bestsellers to help you out! :)

Fruit/ Flower-Based Series

From left: Wander Garden (S$4.90), Grapefruit Petal (S$5.90), Ocean Berry (S$4.90).

1) Wander Garden

It is often said that we eat/ drink with our eyes first, and I am sure many would be tempted to try this series for the stunning purple colours.

The top purple layer of Wander Garden is made from butterfly pea extracts, while the bottom layer is made from a special blend of rose, elderflower and apple flavours. A first sip of this drink offered an initial strong rose taste and reminded me of bandung. Theereafter, subsequent sips then revealed a nice sour apple aftertaste, so it is really interesting how a simple kiosk drink is able to play such teasers on my mind.

2) Ocean Berry

Ocean Berry is slightly sweeter than the previous drink and owes its key flavours to the strawberry puree used. I like the tangy fruity flavours which offer a really pleasant aftertaste.

3) Grapefruit Petal

For those who prefer something more sour, this jasmine green tea with osmanthus and fresh grapefruit juice & slices will suit you best. With the strongest sourish accents amongst the 3 drinks in this category, it adds a really refreshing touch to the palate especially after a heavy meal.

Milk-Based Series

From left: Taiwan Brown Sugar Milk (S$5.30), Matcha Milk Tea (S$4.90).

1) Matcha Milk Tea

I would consider this my favourite amongst the 5 listed here, as I like how the green tea flavours are strong yet do not overpower the milky flavours. Slightly sweet, this would be the choice for those who want to enjoy the antioxidant benefits of green tea but may be averse to the bitter tinges that come with the pure brewed version.

2) Taiwan Brown Sugar Milk 

Consisting of premium brown sugar, brown sugar pearl and fresh milk, this is equivalent to the "babyccino" on the menu. It can be quite sweet, but since it is due to the premium brown sugar used, it is perhaps alright to cut ourselves the slack to indulge in this drink once in a while. :)


So which drink fascinates you the most? Head on down to their outlets at Far East Plaza, JCUBE or Yew Tee Point to check out their menu! :)

KECha Singapore
Far East Plaza, #01-16E.
JCube, #02-65.
Yew Tee Point, B1-41.

Islandwide delivery is available: 

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