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I was recently approached by Italian bakery Pasticceria Di Rosa to share more about its business to customers in this part of the world.

While I was originally a little apprehensive to share about this overseas establishment due to my unfamiliarity with the brand, what moved me were my further conversations with the people behind the bakery, their sincerity, finding out what drives them and really trying the product.
Source: Pasticceria Di Rosa

Overview of Confectionery

Source: Pasticceria Di Rosa
Source: Pasticceria Di Rosa
A family business set up by Vincenzo Di Rosa in 1982, Pasticceria Di Rosa is based in Naples, Italy, and a product of love, dedication, hard work and sacrifice.

Today, the pasticceria run by Vencenzo’s son, Francesco, and daughter-in-law, who are just as trained and passionate about the business. I heard that Francesco had been helping out in his father’s bakery since he was 8 years old!

The Di Rosa pastry shop is known throughout the country for its craftsmanship and modern techniques and is a leader in the confectionery market, using recipes perfected over the years.

Confectioneries Available

Source: Pasticceria Di Rosa
Source: Pasticceria Di Rosa
The pastry shop offers a selection of cakes and cookies. Its signature cakes include the famous Red Cake (an adaption of the American red velvet cake) and Mokaccino Cake (a collaboration with well-known Italian confectioners and a Neapolitan company that produces Passalacqua coffee), while notable cookies include its Swivels (chocolate biscuit that looks like a cinnamon roll) and Biscociok (a crispy waffle with chocolate base filled with gianduja hazelnut-chocolate cream).

Torta Caprese

Source: Pasticceria Di Rosa
Apart from fresh cakes sold at its shopfront, the pastry shop also offers several items for online purchase/ overseas delivery.

One of them is the Torta Caprese which I had the opportunity to try. A traditional cake that originates from Capri island (located at the Bay of Naples), it is a chocolate cake filled with almonds or walnuts.

This pasticceria’s interpretation of this cake was really good. While it looks like a normal American square brownie, it was filled with lots of nuts – almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and peanuts. I liked the crunch that came along with each bite of each cake and the bite-sized portions made it really addictive.

At 10 euros (≈S$15) per box excluding shipping, it comes in 12 pieces at approximately 500g and is produced under international HACCP food safety certification.

Overseas Shipping

Source: Pasticceria Di Rosa
The confectionery is open to importers interested in bringing in the product to Singapore. For individuals, the caprese and other sweet treats are also available for online purchase here. Delivery for the caprese is available from Mondays to Wednesdays. 

Pasticceria Di Rosa
Corso Campano, 546, 80014 Giugliano in Campania NA, Italy
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