[Review] 2-Storey Tsui Wah Outlet Opens at Heeren

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And so, I managed to squeeze in time for lunch at Tsui Wah's second and latest outlet at Heeren (Orchard) on its second day of operations!

This Hong Kong cafe, most famous for its Condensed Milk Crispy Buns and authentic Hong Kong Milk Tea and Yuen Yeung (coffee & tea), is one of my parents' favourite Chinese cafes. For those who want an alternative to bubble tea, freshly brewed cold Takeaway Hong Kong Milk Tea (S$5) is available exclusively in this outlet in a screwcap bottle.

2-Storey Building
Complementing Tsui Wah's first outlet at Clarke Quay, this new one takes up 2 storeys and can be easily spotted when you cross the road from Mandarin Gallery. Indoor seating is only available upstairs, while both floors offer alfresco dining.

As I was expecting a large crowd during these initial first days (like how the Clarke Quay outlet opened to much fanfare several years ago), I was surprised to be immediately ushered to a seat immediately at the 2nd floor alfresco area (though indoor seating would have required a 30 to 45-minute wait).

The menu looked largely similar to what was available at the Clarke Quay side, except that I noticed that the prices seemed a little higher than what I recalled.

I placed my order, and the food arrived within 15 minutes. While the meat in my Pork Chop Bun (S$8.50++) could have been more tender, it was juicy and the golden-brown toasted butter bun made up for it.

What really stole the show though was the Hong Kong Milk Tea (S$3.50++), served super-hot with the right proportion of tea and milk.

I would say that service was overall prompt and attentive - and perhaps even better than that at the usually-busy Clarke Quay outlet.

I am not sure if it would be the same when it is fully open (the ground floor was still closed), but what definitely would help is this self-ordering/ payment service that is available.

Interestingly, the alfresco area wasn't warm and even offered a sense of calm as I watched busy shoppers shuffling below me whilst I was sipping on my drink. An indoor seat would have instead provided me with that typical bustling Hong Kong cafe feel.

Overall, I would return for Tsui Wah's cup of milk tea and try their other main courses - and also reminisce that taste of Hong Kong which I probably won't get any time soon.

The Heeren
260 Orchard Road #02-02, Singapore 238855

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