[Review] Surprise Bloom Box from FARM Florist

November 03, 2019 0 Comments A+ a-

I needed some flowers for a gathering cum prayer session at home, when coincidentally, FARM Florist sent me one of their bestsellers - the Surprise Bloom Box. Look at how beautiful the flowers were!

If I need flowers again, I'll definitely get these. Here are 5 reasons why you need to get FARM Florist's Surprise Bloom Box:

1) Delivery in 60 minutes
How many of us are guilty of forgetting occasions or have previously required flowers urgently? FARM Florist's 60-min delivery promise (within Singapore) means that we will never be "late". 

2) Affordable
FARM Florist's flowers are priced from S$25 and Surprise Bloom Box from S$39, inclusive of delivery and a gift card. That's at a really good price, considering how expensive fresh flowers can be nowadays. S$25 in exchange for a smile on our loved one's face, why not? :)

3) Double Up As Table Flowers
Who says that flowers must be in bouquets? Something I appreciate about this Bloom Box is its presentation. Apart from having a handle which makes it easy to carry around during dates, the boxy arrangement enables it to stand on its own and double up as a table centrepiece as well. It's really fuss free, and ready for any occasion!

4) Leave it to the Experts
If you don't know what type of flowers she likes, these surprise flowers would just be the right ones. Simply indicate the recipient's preferred colour scheme, age and occasion, and let the team of florists, each with >20 years of experience, handpick the right mix of flowers for you.

5) Attention to Details
So, the Surprise Bloom Box I had consisted of classic roses, and the pastel orange and pink flowers were definitely catered to my aesthetic preference. But what really stood out were the little details and subtle bits of colour contrasts which added to its elegance. 

Don't believe it if a girl says that she doesn't want/ like flowers. With floral gifts so affordable and conveniently available at a click of a mouse, you don't have to wait for a special occasion to give her a surprise gift.

This article was done in collaboration with FARM Florist (https://farmflorist.com). All opinions are mine.