[Review] Coucou Restaurant: Authentic Swiss Cuisine

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Coucou Restaurant is a new Swiss restaurant previously helmed by the team that headed Senso Ristorante.  

Singapore's Latest Swiss Restaurant 
An elegant, cosy loft nestled in the heart of the trendy Tanjong Pagar area, Coucou’s cooking is informed by old school Swiss traditions and will not disappoint diners looking for authentic Swiss cuisine.

After all, considering the culinary pedigree of the Senso team, we can all be assured that they will deliver a carefully crafted experience that wins over their diners.

The ambience was warm and cosy with the walls adorned with many cuckoo clocks that complement the Swiss theme, creating a relaxed, yet dynamic atmosphere, with the subtle sounds of cuckoo clocks crying for your attention while providing a mild yet profoundly invigorating atmosphere as you enjoy the food.

For the appetisers, we’d totally recommend the Assiette Valaisanne, a selection of Swiss Cold Cuts & Cheese from Canton of Valais. The Swiss are known for their chocolates, but their cheeses are arguably some of the best in the world too.

Another worthy option would be their signature COUCOU Salade, a simple yet profoundly delectable fresh curly salad served with homemade ‘Grand Père’ dressing from Canton of Vaud. It was both refreshing and light and we reckon it would serve as a palate cleanser after all that cheese.

We reckon this would go well with the Filet de Truite à la Genevoise, or Trout Tartare prepared with Dill, sour cream and green chillis, which was also mouth wateringly light and refreshing.

Main Courses
But if there is one dish that you should not miss if you dine at this restaurant, it would have to be their Rösti Zermatt, a rigorously elegant potato rösti topped with a generous serving of melted Swiss raclette cheese and ham.  Their rösti is not your typical rösti that you can get from any run of the mill restaurants in Singapore that serve rösti. The COUCOU Rösti features a very crispy texture made of potato and combined immaculately well with the ham and cheese. I’d argue that Coucou’s Rösti puts some restaurants in Switzerland to shame!

If you are still hungry, you could also try the Cordon Bleu, a breaded chicken schnitzel stuffed with raclette cheese and ham or the Spätzli, a soft dumpling Swiss Pasta Style.  Honestly, we found both to be relatively average though, but if you want to experience authentic Swiss food, then those are some options you can consider.

One piece of advice for diners is to save some space for dessert because Coucou does it really well.  The Coupe Suisse, Vanilla ice cream served with Hot Swiss Chocolate and Chantilly Cream from Canton of Fribourg was simply divine.  Check out our Instagram post to see the molten chocolate being poured over the vanilla ice cream!

Overall, we enjoyed our food at Coucou and we would certainly recommend this newly opened dining establishment to diners looking for authentic traditional Swiss cuisine.

Coucou Restaurant
9 Craig Rd
Singapore 089669
Tel: 6226 0060

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