Food Review: Set Lunch at The Looking Glass Bistro (Camden Medical Centre, Tanglin)

April 20, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

My set lunch ($14.90)
In February this year, I came to The Loooking Glass Bistro where I enjoyed a nice lasagne and hot chocolate on a cold day and promised myself to return. Eventually, I did so today.

The Looking Glass Bistro is frequented by medical staff working within the building and visitors waiting for their medical appointments, but this is nice quiet place for a simple Western lunch.

The previous time, I took a cheaper lasagne. I usually try out new food establishments by ordering the cheaper stuff. As a practical Singaporean, I don't want to waste money if the food isn't good.

I decided to get the full set lunch today. I was happy to try the soup, sandwich and coffee, and this was a value-for-money set. Not many places offer you a set lunch at this price in the Orchard/ Tanglin area.

Soup of the day: pumpkin soup.
It smelt so good that I took some without a photo first.
The soup of the day was pumpkin soup.  It smelt really good. Indeed, it was adequately creamy and warm. I like the bits of pumpkin which I could spot in the soup; felt like it was really mashed from real pumpkin.

Sometimes, at Soup Spoon, the creamy mushroom soup is overwhelming creamy with lumps as though it wasn't mixed well from the frozen pack. But this pumkpin soup was just nice. Great starter! :)

Sweet Onion Chicken sandwich
For the set lunch, I could order any sandwich from the fridge display. I chose the Sweet Onion Chicken sandwich which came warmly toasted. The shredded chicken in the sandwich was generously adequate and overall, the sandwich was moist.

The chips were alright and crispy as expected. I am sure it came from a bigger pack. Maybe I could have asked for salad as I had just recovered from a sore throat. Oh well.

Flat white
I was given a choice of coffee or tea, and took a flat white. For coffee with milk, I usually only take half a pack of brown sugar at most, or go without sugar. The coffee was strong and freshly brewed. Nice!

As I mentioned previously, this bistro is a quiet place where you can have some me-time. Here's where you can get a simple Western lunch and drink at below $15. The crowd comes in at about 1pm, so do come by 12.30pm.

To see the interior of this cafe and for my earlier more-detailed review, you can check this out :)

Variety: 6.5/10
Taste: 7.5/10
Ambience: 8.5/10
Value for money: 7/10
Overall: 7/10
Looking Glass Bistro (Facebook)
Address: 1 Orchard Boulevard, #01-03, Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649
Tel: 6836 0075