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Good and Rich Cake Shop. I literally LOL-ed when I first heard the cake shop's name. Imagine someone greeting you and saying, "Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Handsome and Strong."

Anyway, when a colleague was collating orders from Good and Rich last week and my other colleagues mentioned that their swiss rolls were good, I decided to give it a try. There are various flavours available - durian, kaya, strawberry, mango, mandarin orange, chocolate, coffee, green tea and blueberry - and range from S$7 to $8. Round walnut cakes are also available at $10 each for half kg. My colleagues mentioned that durian swiss roll was the most popular, so I chose one of that.

Free delivery is given for orders above $100, and together we qualified. In fact, there were 80+ cakes ordered among 30+ of us. No other discounts were given despite our large order of more than $500, in case you are wondering. We did specially request the cakes to be made only that morning which they acceded to. Alright that's the most important anyway!

Delivery was prompt. As the cakes were already packed by their flavours and we had the cash ready, the entire process was fuss free.
Humble-looking packaging. 9 flavours are available.
About 27cm long

The packaging is quite traditional and normal. Nothing glitzy and attractive. It looks almost like a cake bought from your neighbourhood. I guess it was an intentional move to retain the old school packaging. As I opened it, I smelt the durian filling. Cutting into it, the sponge cake felt soft. Seems promising!

As I sank my teeth into the roll, I tasted the yummy durian. It certainly overpowered the cream taste that's usually common when you eat other normal swiss rolls. My mother-in-law, who seldom eats cakes, ate 1/4 of the roll immediately :p Tip: Freeze the cake first and you will feel like you are eating ice cream roll :)

Here's the picture of what I bit into. I don't think any further words are required.
I know this looks crude. But I shan't make any apologies.
I just had to take this photo when I realised that I bit into such real yummy durian filling!

Great taste at good price. I will try them again.

If you're intending to try these rolls too, I heard that the queue outside the shop is generally long and the service isn't that good. I'll suggest that you consolidate orders with your colleagues up to $100 and get the free delivery. However, do place your orders early. If the deliverymen's orders are already packed on a particular day, you just have to collect them yourself.

Good & Rich Cake Shop (Facebook)
24 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198887
Tel: +65 6294 3324

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