Carbonara Mushroom Pasta (and Baked Pasta) Using Airfryer

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Ever wondered if you can make pasta sauce or perhaps cream soup in the airfryer? This post proves that you certainly can.

I now ask him to give me one food project on the airfryer every weekend. I love testing the limits of this machine. As I had been making too much desserts recently, for this weekend, he wanted me to try a pasta - baked pasta or creamy pasta. To be honest, I felt quite jittery. I have always been making cakes and pastries, but I am a beginner at pastas. Googling about whether anyone had made creamy pasta using the airfryer turned out with almost NIL results. Nevertheless, I decided to give this experiment a try. Well, if all else fails, I would learn what cannot be done in an airfryer. Nothing to lose, right? :)

Eventually, making the carbonara sauce in the airfryer turned out okay! Actually, this is a good option for a busy/lazy persons like me, as the same 6 inch saucepan that was placed in the airfryer can be placed on the dining table too. No need to wash another wok.

Here are the steps and some tips. Enjoy!
Yield: 2 to 3 servings

5g butter
2 garlic cloves, chopped
350g carbonara mushroom sauce
150g water
250g white button mushrooms
some salt and pepper to taste
300g spaghetti


Carbonara sauce
1. Preheat the 6-inch saucepan in the airfryer at 140 degrees for 5 min.
2. Oil the sides of the saucepan with butter. Add garlic and airfry at 140 degrees for 5 min. (Don't worry, the melted butter will hold the chopped garlic down, so they won't fly around the airfryer.)

3. Add the mushrooms. Continue to airfry at 140 degrees for about 3 mins.

4. Add the carbonara sauce, water and seasoning, and mix well. Airfry at 150 degrees for 18 min. Stir occasionally.

Tip: The airfryer dries the sauce out quite fast, so don't omit the water.

4. The carbonara sauce is all ready.

The best part here is that I can bring this saucepan to the dining table and serve. No need to wash a separate wok! :)

Spaghetti  (There is no shortcut about it. You have to boil it, not airfry :P)
1. Boil the water with a little salt.

2. When the water boils, add the spaghetti in and boil until al dente for 8 min (or according to the timing on your packaging).

3. The spaghetti is now ready.

Final Steps
1. Pour the sauce into the cooked pasta, and mix well. You may add garnishings (e.g. chopped parsley). You are now ready to serve! :)

Other Variations

A) Non vegetarian option, with egg 
1. Put some (cooked) spaghetti with carbonara sauce into a plate. Add the egg.

2. Cover with aluminium foil (with some holes) to prevent the pasta from drying out.

3. Airfry at 180 degrees for 10min.

(Just for fun, I separated the yolk from the whites - but no problem, you can add the full egg in together.)

Here's the Before. Too excited and forgot to take the After =p
B) Baked Pasta
1. Put some (cooked) spaghetti with carbonara sauce into a bowl. Add a layer of grated cheese.

2.  Airfry at 200 degrees for 4 min to melt the cheese, and 160 degrees for another 2 min to brown the edges. Enjoy!

>> You can also refer to this post for the Baked Rice settings.

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