Healthy Japanese Tofu Omelette With Fresh Shimeji Mushrooms & Onion Using Airfryer

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My mother-in-law wanted me to share a new healthy dish for dinner made using the airfryer and the immediate thought that crossed my mind was omelette. Eggs are cheap and high in protein (read more about the benefits here), but we often shun them because of the fear of high cholesterol. I strongly believe in eating in moderation, so if the family shares the dish together, that should be alright.

To make this healthier, I decided to have tofu, mushrooms and onions go along with the eggs. This vegetarian dish was indeed really nutrition packed: 
  • Tofu: Excellent sources of protein, iron and calcium
  • Shimeji mushrooms: Mushrooms are excellent ways of managing cholesterol, weight and diabetes. In addition, shimeji mushrooms have been shown to slow down/ treat cancers. 
  • Onions & garlic: While pungent, I have known them to be the herbal sources of managing anti-inflammatory conditions and simple flus.

Of course, feel free to replace the ingredients with anything you like. Have fun!

Yield: 7-inch omelette

3 eggs
100g fresh shimeji mushrooms
1 tube Japanese silken tofu, sliced
1 garlic clove
1/4 onion
2 tsp oil
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Preheat the airfryer at 180 degrees for 5 min.

2. Cook the oil, garlic and onion at 180 degrees for 4 min. The oil will help to hold the ingredients down, so don't worry about them "flying".

3. Place the sliced tofu and mushrooms on the pan.

4. After seasoning the beaten egg, pour into the pan as well.

5. Airfry at 180 degrees for 25 min. Open every 6 - 8 min to poke and make sure that the inner layer of the egg is well-cooked.
Easy peasy. You are now ready to serve! :)

Btw, I like that I didn't have to wash another wok. I can just serve using the same pan that went into the airfryer. Yippee!

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