[Recipe] Osmanthus Jelly with Wolfberries and Red Dates

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The family loves ordering osmanthus jelly at Chinese restaurants and it's super pricey. This one from a certain Chinese restaurant in Singapore costs S$3.60++ for 3 pieces - daylight robbery!
$1.20++ per piece. Each is maximum 6cm X 6cm X 4cm large.

Last weekend, I decided to make my own and it's really easy. Way easier than making any cake or cookie. Try this yourself and you will never want to order from restaurants again. Have fun and share the jellies with your vegetarian friends too! :)

(Updated: Jun 2017)

Yield: 1 dish of jellies

1 pack konnyaku jelly powder (I used a 10g pack)
4 tsp dried osmanthus flowers 
4 tsp wolfberries 
5 red dates, deseeded
950ml water (please follow the konnyaku powder box's instructions if the amount is stated otherwise)
200g sugar (please follow the konnyaku powder box's instructions if the amount is stated otherwise)

Here's my pack's instructions, FYI:


1. In Bowl A, soak the wolfberries in 100ml water for 15 min. 

2. After 15 min, drain the wolfberries. Keep the wolfberries and water separately aside. 

3. In Bowl B, soak the dried osmanthus flowers and red dates in 400ml of water for at least 1 hour.

4. When step #3 is ready, bring 450ml of plain water to boil.

5. Lower the heat. Add Bowl A's water (yes, only the 100ml waterl) & all of Bowl B's mixture (osmanthus flowers + red dates + the 400ml water) into the pot of 450ml boiling water. Simmer for about 3 min.

6. Gradually add the sugar and konnyaku jelly powder into the pot, stirring in between. Continue to stir until all the jelly powder/ white lumps are fully dissolved. This would take about 10 min.

7. Meanwhile, prepare the ice tray/ mould by adding a few wolfberries to each mould.

8. When all the jelly powder and sugar are fully dissolved, scoop the mixture into your ice tray/ mouldLet the jelly cool down to room temperature and chill in fridge until the jelly is set.

Tip: Don't put this into the freezer. It's intuitive to put ice trays in the freezer, I know :p

9. After a few hours, remove the jellies from the ice trays/ mould. You are now ready to serve!

Update (Feb 2016)
Here's Esther Min's Osmanthus Jelly 桂花果冻  using our recipe. Looks really dainty and oriental. Perfect for Chinese New Year dessert! 🌸

Update (May 2016)
Below are Cresent Tong's Osmanthus Konnyaku Jelly. 
Smart idea using those nice dainty cups - makes these jellies looks classier! :)

If you have tried this recipe too, share your photos with us!
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27 September 2015 at 04:18 delete

no rock sugar? wouldn't it be too bland?

27 September 2015 at 08:52 delete

Hi Marshall, thanks for pointing it out! Yes there was a typo; sometimes I adapt the recipe as I go along. I've just updated it - 200g of sugar :)

Btw, my original Konnayku pack stated 250g, but with the natural sweetenings from the the wolfberries and red dates, 200g will be ok. Hope this helps!