Hokkaido Milk Bread with Walnuts and Raisins Using Breadmaker

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As you may have read from my previous posts, I bought a pack of Hokkaido milk recently after my trip from Japan. Since then, I have made yummiliciously creamy Overnight Oats in Chia Seeds and this expensive milk has not failed to make a difference in taste to my usual recipes. It's like a sudden boost!

One of my most trusted recipes, if you may already know, is the Milk Bread, a go-to recipe which I usually use and adapt with whatever nuts and dried fruits I have at home. I decided to experiment this Hokkaido milk on my usual milk bread recipe again - and viola! - out come one of my most perfect-looking loaves (see top photo). Below is the recipe. Have fun and do pin it on your Pinterest board for your daily use too! :) 

P.S.: I use the Philips HD9025 breadmaker. If you are using another breadmaker model, you may have to adapt the settings to suit your machine.

Hokkaido Milk Bread with Walnuts and Raisins

Yields 750g loaf

180ml Hokkaido milk (you may replace this with other types of milk)
1 egg, medium (need not beat)
70g yogurt (I use Meiji low fat fruit-flavoured yogurt)
25g unsalted butter (cut up into fine slices)
5g salt
25g sugar
320g plain flour
80g top flour
1 tsp yeast

walnuts, chopped

1) Put all ingredients in (A) into the baking tin, in the above sequence.

2) Use Setting 5 (Sweet bread mode), Light crust, 750g. 

3) Midway, there will be a loud beep. Drop the ingredients in (B) into the baking tin.

4) When the loaf is ready, there will be a continuous beep sound. Twist the baking tin gently to remove it from the machine. 

5) Turn the baking tin gently upside down to remove the loaf. Lay the bread out to cool for at least an hour.

5) Slice and enjoy! When throughly cooled, keep in an airtight container. 

I am happy to share that this recipe has been tried and tested by our Facebook fans - and proven perfect as usual. Below are some photos to inspire you!

1) This was baked by Tee ChaiYeng who replaced 50g of the flour with wholewheat flour. We love that healthy dose of fibre too!
Credits: Tee ChaiYeng

2) This was baked by Joni Lian who used Greek yogurt instead and the loaf still turned out well - in fact, beyond her expectations! It was as tall as a 1000g loaf though it was supposed to be only 750g, and importantly still very soft and light the next day :)
Credits: Joni Lian

3) Alice Ng also shared her Hokkaido milk loaf with chia seeds using our recipe!
Credits: Alice Ng

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