Why you should visit TBC Cafe @ Hatten Melaka (Terminal Pahlawan)

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tbc cafe melaka

With the school holidays coming up and the favourable Ringgit, many of us would be turning to neighbouring Malaysia for the getaway holiday option.

I especially love Malacca, having been there numerous times for the satay celup, chicken rice ball, cendol and of course the knick-knack shopping at Jonkers Street. If you are intending to head there for your next family trip and looking for new places to visit apart from the traditional favourites, do check out TBC Cafe, a new teddy bear themed cafe at the heart of Malacca for a photo stop. Conveniently located within the same building of Hatten Hotel, be prepared to cuddle up with teddies of different sizes at this cozy establishment - a paradise for the kids, a cool place to take selfies with your travel kakis/ capture precious family moments/ add on to your casual pre-wedding photo album, or simply just chill out over an afternoon drink of reverse juice!

We are happy to collaborate with Sycookies of Foodeverywhere to bring you the photos and review. Do share with us how your beary experience turns out too!

XOXO, The Hedgehog

Probably the first themed cafe in Melaka, TBC cafe at Hatten Melaka (Terminal Pahlawan) is all prepped up to cuddle and welcome their guests with fury friends of all sizes. Approaching this dandy new social gathering place, one cannot help but be distracted by the cozy comfy of chic lounge and hanging pendant lights over teddy bears at almost every corner of the cafe.
1. tbc  cafe @ Melaka

2. TBC cafe Melaka
Cafe segregation is obvious with a large panel of light bulbs adorning one side, and the other for merchandising. Marquee letters are quite the rage now, and most people struggle to find art on the larger side. However, this marquee letters fits perfect on the wall.
3. TBC Cafe @ Melaka

4. TBC cafe Melaka

5. TBC cafe @ Melaka
At TBC’s, they like to emphasize the care taken in the mixing of fruits and ice, juice-inspired mocktails. The reverse concept in their beverages has all the freshness of fruit juices packed as ice cubes, served with carbonated water to instantly transform your juices into sparkling drink. The Lychee Soda + Mango Cubes (RM 9.90) serves cubes of frozen fresh mango puree, awaiting to melt into bubbling juice. Lychee Soda + Blackcurrant Cubes (RM 9.90) is equally as fun.
6.MLK TBC (3)

7.MLK TBC (5)

8.MLK TBC (6)
The reversal mixology gradually gives the sweeter finishing as it approaches the end. Considering the lack of flavour in the beginning, the drinks are far from bad. In fact, this fruit juice uses real and actual dragon fruits (instead of commercial concoction) are used in their Dragon Fruit + Lemon Fruit Juice (RM 9.90) .
10. TBC cafe Melaka
With a juice bar dominating most of their workspace, kitchen tasks becomes challenging so expect nothing gourmet. Instead, they still manage to put up a good line up of light bites and quick meals with their own charm. Ham and Cheese (RM 9.90) open face sandwich comes with instant mashed potato and fresh lettuce with Thousand Island dressing.
11.MLK TBC (1)
A popular dish to the younger crowd is this clever dessert. Creatively rolled up slices of bread with chocolate spread and deep fried with bread crumbs coating and topped with fresh strawberries and a drizzle of chocolate, the crunchy texture is indeed addictive.
12.MLK TBC (2)
With so many places to eat in such a small city, restaurateurs and cafe owners need to really step up on the game and stand out from the crowd if they are going to survive in the cutthroat world of Melaka dining. Look out for more of TBC in the near future and expect consistency in the few months to come while allowing some adjusting to take place in this young cafe.
13. Tbc cafe @Melaka
TBC Cafe is located at :
Lot F3-021, F3-022, Level 3,
Terminal Pahlawan,
Bandar Hilir, Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka.
Tel: +60 6-281 9423

GPS: 2.188772,102.25173

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tbcmelaka
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PS: TBC Cafe's food has improved since their initial teething issues, so feel free to check out Foodeverywhere's subsequent visit 2 months ago here too. And thank you Sycookies again for sharing your article with us!

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