Savoury Cheese Wheat Buns Using Breadmaker and Airfryer

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I have been sharing various sweet loaves and buns recipes, with my last one being the festive Hot Cross BunsSo today, I shall share a savoury one instead. Whilst I added cheese and mixed nuts & seeds into my buns, feel free to be creative and add bacon or ham. Have fun! 

Savoury Cheese Wheat Buns with Mixed Nuts & Seeds - Using Breadmaker & Airfryer
Yields 13 buns


235ml Hokkaido milk (normal milk is okay too) 
1 egg, beaten 
50g unsalted butter (cut into fine slices)
1/2 tsp salt
25g white sugar
100g whole wheat flour (see photo below)
90g top flour/ cake flour
260g plain flour
1 1/4 tsp yeast
Assortment of nuts (walnuts and macademia nuts)
Assortment of seeds (chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds)

Parmesan grated cheese

1) Put all ingredients in (A) into the baking tin, in the above sequence.

2) Use Setting 10 (Dough mode). 

Tips: We use Philips HD9045, so do adjust this based on your breadmaker.

3) After 1hr 30min (or whatever time your breadmaker requires), the dough will be ready. Remove and lay flat on a board wrapped with baking paper.

4) Punch the dough flat. At the same time, gently knead the mixed nuts and seeds in (B) into the dough. Cover the dough with cling wrap and let it rest for 15 min.

Tips: It is crucial not to have wind drafts blowing over the dough, or else it will become dry. I save cling wrap by putting the dough into my microwave oven - of course without turning it on! :) 

5) Split the dough into 13 parts. Roll them into balls, meanwhile ensuring that the tops are nice and smooth. 
Before final proof

6) Keep the buns in a warm airtight condition until they double in size. That would take approximately 45 min. 

Tips #1: Ensure that there is sufficient space within each baking pan for the bun-doughs to rise. Best to use square baking pans if you can, as the buns will rise to take the baking pans' shape.
Tips #2: To simulate a warm condition, I pre-heated the airfryer (without the buns) at 80 degrees for 5 min to warm it up and placed the baking tray into the airfryer.
After 45 min

7) Sprinkle some cheese over the buns. Bake in airfryer at 150 degrees for 10 min. 

8) When baked, remove the buns from baking pan immediately and place on a rack.

9) If not eating immediately, cool properly before storing in an airtight container. Enjoy!

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26 April 2016 at 21:39 delete

Would really love to try your bread recipe. But I don't have bread machine. Any advice how to knead by hand?
Also, Can we use bread flour instead? Thanks in adcancer!

15 May 2016 at 00:03 delete

Sure, I kneaded by hand/ mixer before before getting a breadmaker. U can refer to my photos here (Step 1):

Yes, can use bread flour. I normally use plain flour/ whole wheat flour/ cake flour, as that's all I keep in my kitchen :)