Hot Cross Wheat Buns Using Breadmaker and Airfryer

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The Easter weekend coming up next week! In addition to the yummy hot cross bun-inspired Cinnamon Wheat Loaf With Raisin and Dried Apricot Using the Breadmaker recipe we shared a few weeks back, we are happy to now share how to bake actual Hot Cross Wheat Buns Using the Breadmaker & Airfryer. 

Hot cross buns are usually sold in selected bakeries only once a year. They are spiced sweet buns made with raisins and other dried fruits with a unique cross on the top, and traditionally eaten on Good Friday. For Christians, the buns mark the end of Lent and different parts of the hot cross bun have a certain meaning. For instance, the cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus, and the spices inside signify the spices used to embalm Him at His burial.

Christians and non-Christians alike love these hot cross buns because of the spices and their classic unique looks, but they are not commonly available in bakeries in Singapore (perhaps only at Four Leaves and Cedele). Nevertheless after reading this post, we can now bake them anytime in the year!

For this recipe, we have added whole wheat flour to give these traditional favourites a healthier twist. We especially love how easy the breadmaker does all the kneading too. Enjoy!

PS: If you would like to bake just plain old soft buns using the airfyer, please refer to our other recipe here :)

Hot Cross Wheat Buns Using Breadmaker & Airfryer

Yields 12 buns


230ml Hokkaido milk (normal milk is okay too) 
1 egg, beaten 
50g unsalted butter (cut up into fine slices)
1/2 tsp salt
50g fine brown sugar
90g whole wheat flour (see photo below)
90g top flour/ cake flour
270g plain flour
2 tsp cinnamon powder
1 1/4 tsp yeast
90g dried apricot, finely chopped
90g raisins

White cross
70g plain flour
90g water

Final glaze
30g milk
20g sugar

1) Put all ingredients in (A) into the baking tin, in the above sequence.

2) Use Setting 10 (Dough mode). 

Tips: We use Philips HD9045, but there will certainly be this similar function in your breadmaker too.

3) After 1hr 30min (or whatever time your breadmaker requires), the dough will be ready. Remove and lay flat on a board wrapped with baking paper.

4) Punch the dough flat. At the same time, gently knead the dried fruits in (B) into the dough. Cover the dough with cling wrap and let it rest for 15 min.

Tips: It is crucial not to have wind blowing over the dough, or else it will become dry. I save cling wrap by putting the dough into my microwave oven - of course without turning it on! :)

5) Split the dough into 12 parts.

6) Roll them into balls. Ensure that the tops are nice and smooth.

7) Place the 12 dough-balls into 3 baking pans lined with baking paper. Store in a warm airtight condition until the buns double in size. That would take approximately 45 min. 

Tips #1: Ensure that there is sufficient space within each baking pan for the bun-doughs to rise. Best to use square baking pans if you can, as the buns will rise to take the baking pans' shape.
Tips #2: To simulate a warm condition, I pre-heated the airfryer (without the buns) at 80 degrees for 3 min to warm it up and placed the baking tray into the airfryer.

8) Meanwhile, you can prepare the pastry for the white crosses. Combine the flour and water, and stir until no lumps are observed.

9) Pour the flour mixture into a piping bag. 

Tips: As an alternative to piping bags, I use ziplock bags. Cleaner too! :) 

10) After 45 min, the bun doughs would have doubled in size. Snip off a small tip of the flour mixture bag and pipe the crosses.

Tips: Ensure that just a small tip of the bag is cut off, so that we can have neat white lines later!
(Reference) Before: Just when the dough has been separated into balls.
After: Notice that the bun doughs have doubled in size!

11) Bake in airfryer at 150 degrees for 13 min. 

12) Meanwhile, when the buns are baking, prepare the glaze by combining the sugar into warmed milk. Stir until the sugar has dissolved.

13) After the buns are baked, the top crust would be golden brown but notice that they also look flat and un-glossy too. 
Before glaze

14) Remove the buns from baking pan immediately and place it on a rack. Brush the milk glaze over the buns when still hot.
After glaze

15) Cool properly before storing. Enjoy!
Look at how soft it is inside! :)

If you have tried this recipe too, share your photos with us on Facebook!
Instagram: @TheHedgehogKnows

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