Dining Gets Healthier and More Colourful at Sufood: A Food Review

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For most of us, vegetarian food usually reminds us of mock meat, abalone mushroom or boring leafy greens. However, Sufood attempts to revolutionise our perception of all that - at really pocket-friendly prices.

Conveniently located at Raffles City and Wheelock Place, Sufood is a joint venture between Singapore's PUTIEN and Taiwan's largest restaurant operator WOWPRIME, and presently the #1 vegetarian chain in Taiwan. Interestingly, the chefs make use of a 5-colour concept to design dishes which offer a variety of nutrients from vegetables and fruits: sunny yellow, comfy white, tasty purple, purely green and lively red.
We recently tried the 8-course set ($29.80++) and were impressed by how well the natural flavours were accentuated in this value-for-money deal. Wholesome cooking methods are employed to bring out the maximum flavours of each dish and the most stubborn meat-lover is sure to find a favourite dish within the set. What's more, several new dishes were recently introduced too!

PS: If you are a light eater or prefer just a quick meal, all the dishes can be ordered ala carte as well :)

 Here's what to expect in this sumptuous 8-course set meal:

1) Appetiser

For the Sufood Appetiser, an innovative medley of cherry tomato jelly, lady’s finger with alfalfa and Japanese yuca root was served.

2) Cider

The Sufood Signature Cider was served with the appetiser and acted as a palate cleanser between the 3 appetisers. Together, they certainly offered a refreshing start to our meal!

3) Salad

I chose the Macadamia Fruit Salad (above), while he chose the Strawberry Snowflake Salad (below).

The Macadamia Fruit Salad *NEW* had our favourite mix of fruits and vegeables - macademia nuts, avocados, peach, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes and assorted vegetables - with creamy pineapple-flavoured vinaigrette dressing served at the side. 

I am someone who generally does not like sauces all over my food and prefer it bland plain, but I really enjoyed how the dressing complemented very well with the salad. Highly recommended.

The Strawberry Snowflake *NEW* was refreshing. Sitting on a bed of Italian baby spinach were fresh strawberries, pineapples, shredded taro and a topping of feta cheese. 

We liked how the strawberry yogurt sauce (not pictured here) added an innovative touch to traditional salads as well. I think I may try to replicate a similar dish at home. Highly recommended as well.

4) Breadsticks

The warm rosemary breadsticks were served with 2 unconventional dips - sweet mustard and blueberry. While the sweet mustard was the more palatable, I would personally have preferred the more traditional butter and olive oil. 

5) Soup

We both chose the Cabbage & Sweet Potato Stew. It was nourishing, and the cabbage, konjac and sweet potato added much flavours to this clear soup.

6) Main Course

I had the Star Pizza (above), while he had the Curry Cheese Calzone (below).

The Star Pizza was filled with oyster mushrooms and cream cheese, and topped with salted seaweed. The BBQ sauce was a little overwhelming, but again it could just be my personal preference. Wasabi sauce is also served at the side, if you are a little more adventurous :) A sight to behold, it was also of a generous portion so do share it with your friends!

The Curry Cheese Calzone *NEW* was like a curry puff in a roti prata pastry skin - but a lot bigger. If you enjoy mushrooms, cheese, potatoes and eggs, this one is for you.

Both the Star Pizza and Calzone are oven-baked, and that certainly scored extra points with us!

7) Dessert

He chose the Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate (above), while I had the Rosso e Giallo (below).

The Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate is great for someone who likes predictable desserts. I mean, what could go wrong with such a pairing?

The Rosso e Giallo was more special. The flavourful red bean cake was served with a light and silky beancurd pudding. The red bean cake had a light springy jelly-like texture, and I especially liked the generous serving of red beans within too.

8) Healthy Drink

5 varieties of juices are available. The juices are freshly juiced; not those poured out from Tetra Paks. Amongst them, The Purely is worth special mention. Comprising choy sum, pineapple and sour plum, this juice was super healthy and we liked the slightly sourish tang.

For vegetarians, vegetarian-wannabes or those who simply just want to switch to a healthier diet with more greens, Sufood offers an excellent option with its innovative and wholesome approach to healthy dining. The generous portions also make this a really value-for-money deal.

The rest of the menu is available here

Sufood Raffles City                      
252 North Bridge Road,                 
#02-19, Singapore 179103           
Tel: (65) 6333 5338     
Opening Hours:                  
Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm                  
(last order at 2.30pm)
Dinner: 5.30pm – 10pm                 
(last order at 9.30pm)                      
Sufood Wheelock Place  
501 Orchard Road,
#B2-01 Singapore 238880
Tel: (65) 6238 8308

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 10.00am – 5.00pm
High Tea: 3.00pm – 5.00pm
Dinner: 5.00pm – 10.00pm

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