6 Must-Read Tips Before Going For the Egg Tarts at Honolulu Cafe

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Egg Tarts. Honolulu Cafe. I know these words will invoke different feelings amongst you. Some will recall their excitement when they were among the first to be able to sink their teeth onto these flakey egg tarts (and post the pictures on Instagram/ Facebook). Some will recall their frustrations at not being able to get them due to the long queues and overwhelming popularity. And of course some will feel indifferent - why bother?

Fueled by the egg tart craze along with the recent introduction of other speciality egg tart shops (Tai Cheong from Hong Kong, BAKE cheese tarts from Hokkaido), egg tarts have been the latest talk of the town especially amongst foodies here in Singapore. Honolulu Cafe is one of the forerunners of the egg tarts scene in Hong Kong and we also waited in much anticipation when it opened a few months back in Singapore (yes, we turned up on Day 1). 

Sad to say, we also experienced our fair share of frustrations - long queues, sold out, having to pay 50-cents for the takeaway box, etc. (Read our earlier review for more.)

But they say that every experience makes you smarter. So here are our 6 Must-Read Tips Before Heading to Honolulu Cafe for those Egg Tarts.

1) Reach at 11am. 

Honolulu Cafe is rather infamous for having all the egg tarts sold out by late afternoon, so I am not joking when I say you have to go early.

Singaporeans love their food and are willing to queue - especially since the hype for these famous egg tarts is far from dying down. The cafe opens at 11am, so come at that time (or slightly before that).

Above was the picture when I arrived at 11.20am on a Saturday morning and it was full house already. Those are probably the first batch of customers who had been waiting before the cafe opened. Anyway, I finally got seated within 15 minutes. At my subsequent visits, I also arrived before 11.30am, and left feeling very satisfied and happy.

2) Read The Menu While Waiting.

Waiting never feels that bad when you are occupied. Instead of checking out the latest Instagram food pictures or reading through your friends' Facebook posts, why not think about what you would like to order later?

The menus are available right at the front of the queue, so do get your hands on a copy. Of course, do offer one to the one behind you who's helping to hold your position. Who would reject such a cute menu?

3) Order When You Are Just About To Be Seated.

Once you reach the front of the queue, the staff will give you the option to place your order. So since you have decided what you like (see #2 above), just order ASAP and cut your waiting time! :)

4) Just Order The Maximum of 3 Tarts Per Person.

The maximum number of egg tarts you can order is 3 per person. If you are hesitating whether or not you should get so many, JUST ODER FIRST. 

At $1.70++ each, they are really quite a steal if you were to consider the prices of other egg tarts (e.g. BAKED cheese tarts $3.50). And remember the 192 layers of flakey pastry? That takes a lot of hard work. Besides, since you have waited for so long, just buy those extra and bring home for your family and friends :)

PS: The last time I went, I didn't order the maximum number allowable on my first order and ended up waiting for quite some time for my subsequent order to be served. Don't say I didn't warn you!

5) Eat Your Egg Tarts Hot Immediately.

Everything tastes better when it's fresh. Yes, you can take photos of them. All different angles - from the front, top, side, bottom (ok, joking). But please be quick.

The flaky crust and wobbly melt-in-your-mouth egg tart fillings taste best when hot!

6) Bring Your Own Tupperware.

This sounds silly, but you have to pay 50-cents for a takeaway paper box if you are bringing them home. Yes the pretty box makes the tarts more presentable when we take them home, but no - I don't like to feel ripped off paying for it.

You can request for small clear plastic bags to take those egg tarts home, but I saw an auntie who was more "champion". She took out a Tupperware from her bag and proudly placed the egg tarts carefully in. So cheapo clever!

Now that you are a little smarter too, share this article with your friends before jio-ing them to Honolulu Cafe with you!

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