[Recipe] Blue Pea and Longan Jelly

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Blue pea flowers are valued for its medicinal benefits. High in antioxidants, they help in detoxification, improve eyesight and enhance memory, as well as reduce stress and depression. Here's one of my easiest favourite desserts: Blue Pea and Longan Jelly. Enjoy!

Yield: 1 dish of jellies


15 fresh longans, peeled (canned ones are okay too)
A handful of dried blue pea flowers 
480ml of water (80ml + 400ml)*
3 slices of lemon - optional
20g sugar 
5g konnyaku jelly powder

* Note: The amount of water required may vary, so please refer to the instructions in your jelly powder pack. Here's mine, fyi.


1. Slice the longans into half. Place into the ice cube trays with the rounded side facing the base.

2. Steep the dried blue pea flowers in 80ml of hot water for 30 min. Using a fork, "squeeze" the flowers occasionally to maximise the blue colouring from the flowers.

3. (Optional) If you like a more refreshing tinge to your jelly, squeeze the lemon slices.

4. Boil 400ml of water in a pot. 

5. Once the water is boiling, gradually add jelly powder and sugar.

6. Add the coloured water (without the flowers) into the boiling water as well. Stir well until the jelly powder dissolves.
7. When all the jelly powder and sugar have dissolved, scoop the mixture into your mouldLet the jelly cool down to room temperature and chill in fridge for at least 5 hours until the jelly is set.

8. When ready, remove the jellies from the mould. Flip it the other way, so that the rounded longan side is facing up. You are now ready to serve!

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