[Review] The Art of Omi Dinner Buffet (10 at Claymore, Pan Pacific Orchard)

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If you love beef, 10 at Claymore's The Art of Omi would be paradise for you. From now till 30 September 2016, Omi Wagyu, freshly flown from Shiga Perfecture in Japan, is now available as part of the dinner buffet - delicately prepared and carved to perfection for the finest of palates. 

Just like Oyster Occasions (also at 10 at Claymore) which we shared about two months back, this Omi Wagyu-themed buffet is another of this establishment's super value-for-money deal! Apart from the wagyu, is a full range of seafood on ice, Penang delights, main courses and dessert bar available all at once :)

Omi Wagyu
Top of this feature shall be of course the king himself - the omi wagyu - available in shabu-shabu style or grilled.

Once seated, you will be presented with a bookmark which tells you more about the origins of this coveted grade of beef. Only female cattle are specially selected for its tenderness. They are grain-fed for about 450 days with excellent nutrition, and it is this long grain feeding which results in the more intense flavours and melt-in-the-mouth textures.

For the shabu-shabu style, a rich broth is provided. The fun part is that you can cook it yourself, in the level of doneness you like it.

We loved how intense and flavour-packed the delicately sliced beef was. Its natural sweetness was accentuated by the specially-prepared broth which tasted even more nourishing after the wagyu had been immersed in it.
Look at the marbling! :)

Btw, there were a few slices which I had left in the broth till they were really well-done, but they still remained really tender - so fret not if you are afraid that you don't know what the precise cooking time is :) I am not usually someone who likes beef, but was converted - or rather, maybe just this cut. We personally super highly recommend the shabu-shabu version!

If you prefer having the chefs prepare the full dish for you, you will like the grilled version. Personally though, I found that the marination had kind of overpowered the natural flavours of the beef and it was a little too oily for my liking. Maybe it's just me, but feel free to give it a try and let me know how you find it in the Comments below :)

As with all buffets, freshly-baked artisan bread, soup and salad are available. 

Seafood on Ice
For smaller eaters like me, I would suggest that you skip the usual starters above and head straight for the Seafood on Ice first (Lol, need a bit of strategy to maximise in a buffet!). If you had missed the sold-out Oyster Occasions buffet last month, it's now the chance to make up coz the freshly-shucked oysters - albeit a smaller range - are still available :)

Get ready to indulge in a full-range of the freshly-sliced Sashimi, Boston Lobsters, Queen Roe Scallops, and Clams. As we mentioned before in our previous review, the selection and quality are certainly on par with other comparable dining establishments such as The Line, Triple Three and Colony. 

Meats & Carvings
Freshly-cooked beef on grill is available and we highly recommend this as well. Like I mentioned, this buffet is really heaven for beef lovers!

If you prefer pork, Roasted Nagano is also served at the carving station.

Penang Delights
This station is another highlight of this buffet, and Penang Tamarind Laksa Noodles and Penang Famous Prawn Noodle Soup can be freshly cooked upon request.

In particular, I highly recommend the prawn mee. It's not really spicey if you don't add the extra chilli, and I really loved the rich and slightly sweet broth. So do give this a try!

Don't miss the award-winning Peddlers' Famous Char Kway Teow either. There is good wok hei in this dish and yes, you can pick all your extra hums too! :)

Main courses
And as if the above is not enough already, a really wide selection of main courses are available.
Seafood Casserole
Baked Norweigian Salmon

In particular, we recommend these:

1) Wok Fried Szechuan Spicey Chicken Boneless Leg: For the extra nice OMPHHH from the chillis.

2) Stir Fried Pine Nut Prawn with Seasonal Green: After all the meat I had that day, this was a real saviour coz as you know, I am someone who likes my veggies. Else, I would almost feel like a fish out of water!

3) Atlantic Cod: Talking about fish (okay I know I am being lame), this was really succulent. Btw, such premium fish is usually not served at buffets, so do take more of this as well! ;)

Desserts are always one of the most anticipated part of a meal. To be honest, by then, I was almost filled by the time I came to this, so please remember to leave enough stomach space for this! :)

2 types of ice cream are available, but as before, I still highly recommend the Lemongrass and Ginger Ice Cream as the perfect way to round up the meal. Comparable to Halia's signature ginger ice cream, it is especially refreshing after a full meal. One of the must-have desserts!

Thereafter, end off the evening with a nice cup of coffee - or pick from one of the Gryphon Premium Teas below.

Overall, I have to say (yet again) that 10 at Claymore always offers one of the most value-for-money dinner buffets, and this was no exception. These 2 month's The Art of Omi is really heaven for all the beef lovers!

With such really wide range of items available - premium omi wagyu beef, seafood on ice, Penang favourites and all the really yummy desserts - we highly recommend this for your next family dinner :)

The Art of Omi (01 August to 30 September 2016)
10 at Claymore, Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel Singapore
6 to 10.30pm daily

Visit their webpage for more information and reserve early to avoid disappointment.
Tel: 6831 6686 or Email: dining.ppsgo@panpacific.com

Normal Dinner Pricing (Mon to Sun, except Wed): $68++
Special Wednesday Promotion: 2 for $98++ (average of $49++ per pax)
PS: Don't miss the exclusive August 2016 "1 Dines free in a party of 4 Diners" Promotion every Thursday to Monday including weekends (average of $51++ per pax)! 
(Not valid with other promotions, offers or privileges. Max of 16 diners per group.)

Each diner is limited to 1 serving of the omi wagyu and additional serving (100g) is available at $24.
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