[Review] Yu Sheng Poke Bowl at Sweetfish Poke (Capitol Piazza)

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Love Yu Sheng and poke bowls? For a limited time during this Chinese New Year, enjoy the best of both worlds with a Yu Sheng Poke Bowl - only from Sweetfish Poke!

Poke Bowls
Poke bowls originate from Hawaii and are one of the latest food trends to hit Singapore. For those who are not familiar with it, it is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer or sometimes as a main course. Cubed sashimi fish is often eaten over a bowl of Japanese sushi rice and one can say that it is almost like a kind of deconstructed sushi.

Poke bowls usually appeal to diners who enjoy clean eating, as they can choose to pair their fish with Japanese rice, brown rice, quinoa or salad.

Personal Prosperity Poke Bowl
Conveniently located at Capitol Piazza in City Hall, Sweetfish Poke is the first Poke outlet in Singapore (or maybe even first in the world!) to launch its very own Personal Prosperity Poke Bowl (S$15).

Available in dine-in, take-out and delivery, Sweetfish's innovative Personal Prosperity Poke Bowl is an individual-sized version of our traditional Yu Sheng platter. Yu Sheng is a communal dish, so this personal bowl will appeal to those who want to enjoy a savoury Yu Sheng bowl all by themselves anytime, anywhere.

What I love about this bowl is its generous chunky servings of succulent freshly-prepared salmon sashimi cubes, making it a value-for-money dish. This also means that you no longer have to fight over those precious thinly-sliced sashimi anymore. The sweet sauce was not overpowering and overall a good complement to the dish.
Yu Sheng Party Platter
If you get a kick from all the tossing of Yu Sheng at family gatherings or office parties, the Sweetfish Yu Sheng Party Platter (from S$48 to S$88) will appeal to you. True to Sweetfish's unique selling point, expect large servings of freshly-prepared salmon sashimi cubes in your platters!

Available via delivery or self-collection, the platters come in 3 sizes and are suitable for gatherings for up to 15 pax.
Credits: Sweetfish Poke

Other Poke Bowls
For poke lovers who may be less excited about Yu Sheng, Sweetfish offers other varieties of bowls. For those who are trying the poke bowl for a first time or just like to stay safe, I recommend the Roasted Sesame bowl with octopus or salmon, a bestseller, and the Hawaiian Original bowl with salmon or tuna.

For those who prefer cooked meat, the Smokey Chicken bowl is a good choice and it's so popular that we heard it is usually sold out by lunch time! For the adventurous, the Kimchi bowl or Wasabi bowl would go up your alley.
Credits: Sweetfish Poke

Chinese New Year Promotion
During this festive period, customers who purchase the Yu Sheng Party Platters with spending above S$100 can get one of these exclusive Sweetfish Lucky Pups FREE.

Otherwise, you can get an adorable pup at only S$5 with any food purchased or S$8 without any purchase. It's such a cute lucky charm for decorating your room or office desk, so collect all 3 designs whilst stocks last!

Sweetfish Poke
Capitol Piazza
13 Stamford Rd, #B2-30
Singapore 178905

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