[Review] Our Experience with Foodline, Singapore's Largest Catering Portal

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For those of you who have been following my Instagram Stories, you will know that we recently hosted a Chinese New Year lunch for our relatives.

While there are numerous food delivery options around (yes, we are big fans of these especially during the lazy weekends!), catering for a larger group means that a reliable caterer is required. With that, we went through the options via Foodline, Singapore's largest catering portal. 

Why We Used Foodline

We first tried Foodline in 2016 during our housewarming party and had a pleasant experience. One of the key things that we really like about this portal is the extensive choice of menus available. It gives customers access to 260 caterers offering more than 4,000 menus, all under one roof!
The availability of reviews also allowed us to go through many authentic and unbiaised commentaries, to help us better decide our choice of caterer and food items.

A new menu category recently introduced by Foodline is the availability of Health Promotion Boad (HPB) Approved Menus. Contrary to what you may believe, healthier dishes such as brown rice bee hoon is actually quite nice - or rather, I could hardly taste the difference between that and the usual bee hoon. If we can substitute our diet with healthier choices one meal at a time, the benefits will surely add up over time!
Of course, who can say No to the various monetary benefits of placing a catering order through Foodline?

Actual Experience

We eventually chose Stamford Catering, as we really liked the 8-course CNY menu. With premium ingredients such as abalone (for the lohei and veggie dishes), it was at an affordable price of just $20.12 per pax (including GST). The other plus point was that only a minimum order of 15 pax was required.

Upon placing the online through the Foodline portal, I received an email confirmation, after which Stamford also confirmed our order via phonecall and email. 2 days before our event, Stamford sent us an SMS reminder as well.

On the actual day, the food was delivered half hour before the agreed time, and everything was in insulated bags so that our food could still be kept warm before the event started. Due to the low number of pax, no heaters and set-up were provided - but this was perfectly fine. :)
All the dishes were very well wrapped up in plastic containers and double sealed in cling-wrap. There was no spillage at all during delivery, and everything arrived neat and clean!
Overall, the family was very satisfied with the good service and food quality. Kudos to Foodline and Stamford Catering!

Promo Code

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Here's wishing all our readers a Happy (Lunar) New Year in our traditional prosperity toss (lohei) style. HUAT AH!!

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