[Review] Chinese New Year 2019 Menu at Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant (Sheraton Towers Singapore)

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Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant has always been one of our favourite Chinese restaurants in Singapore. I remember years back going on dates with my then-girlfriend, and now wife at Li Bai. They are known for serving top notch food accompanied by exotic premium ingredients.

I recall once we had this really huge enticing Canadian oyster, which was the size of my palm. I had never eaten such a huge juicy oyster before and this is why there is always a sense of wonder and intrigue when we go to Li Bai for a meal.

They are certainly among the best, in their craft, among the likes of Summer Pavilion, Golden Peony, Summer Palace, Hai Tien Lo and Yan Ting. As you can probably tell, we are really fond of Cantonese cuisine as it tends to be subtle, refined and nourishing.

Recently, I experienced the exquisite Cantonese cuisine curated by Executive Chinese Chef Chung Yiu Ming for Li Bai's 2019 Chinese New Year menu. Below are the key highlights:

1) Australian Lobster, Salmon Roe and Hamachi Yusheng Loh Hei Platter


Specially flown in from Japan, a generous serving of sliced hamachi and a dollop of salmon roe are served atop a melange of quintessential ingredients like pomelo, yam, pumpkin seeds, sweet potato, white radish, carrot and pickled ginger. The salmon roe also added a slight tinge of saltiness and was a burst of flavours.

This was certainly one of the more lavish Lo Heis that I have had and the Australian lobster, salmon roe and hamachi added a touch of grandeur and luxury to it.

2) Braised Bird's Nest Soup in Mini Pumpkin

Fragrant and nourishing, the Braised Bird's Nest Soup in Mini Pumpkin was simply put, just rejuvenating for the mind, body and soul. I liked that it was served in a fresh mini pumpkin too.

3) Braised Abalone and Stuffed Beancurd Skin with Sea Cucumber, Dried Oyster and Black Moss

The abalone was succulent and combined well with the really delectable, flavourful dried oyster. It is certainly a virtuoso culinary execution of this traditional Lunar New Year dish.

4) Pan-fried Kurobuta Roll served with Crispy Noodle and Matsutake Mushroom

In my opinion, what makes this dish stand out is the Matsusake mushroom which has this distinct aromatic flavours and made the dish intensely satisfying. The gravy was also made from the same mushroom which made the entire dish consistent with the unique flavour of the mushroom. It is also a nice change from the truffle mushrooms that most restaurants serve nowadays

5) Water Chestnut Cake, Pan-fried Nian Gao with Cane Sugar and Almond Cream with Hasma

The highlight amongst the desserts was the Nian Gao. Its sourish taste and crunchy texture of the apricot complimented and provided contrast to the sweet nian gao which was was crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside.

A healthier alternative to the traditional nian gao, the new Nian Gao with Cane Sugar and Apricot draws the natural sweetness from cane sugar complemented with a hint of tartness from the apricot for a refreshing twist.

The Almond Cream with Hasma was served warm and soothing.


If Li Bai has a flair for poetry, then I would certainly consider its restaurant namesake to have a flair for creating memorable epicurean dining experiences for its esteemed guests.

Its food is certainly top notch and I doubt anyone can go wrong in choosing Li Bai for the upcoming Convivial Celebrations in ushering the Year of the Pig. I really feel that anyone can be rest assured and set your mind at ease and toss to a year of abundance and good fortune with your family.

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant
Sheraton Towers Singapore
39 Scotts Rd
Sheraton Towers Singapore
Singapore 228230

Telephone: +65 6839 5623

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