[Review] Little Flower Hut: Affordable Flowers with Free Same-Day Delivery

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No one would disagree that flowers perk up one's day. No wonder, flowers are given on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, grand openings, as table flower arrangements or for other occasions. :)

Birthday Flowers

When Little Flower Hut kindly offered to send me flowers for my birthday, instead of choosing a usual bouquet, I felt that an actual plant offered a more sustainable option. After all, a bouquet lasts for about a week, but a plant can last for years. Don't you agree?

Indeed, this pot of Phalaenopisis Orchid is still thriving in my garden. The addition of the birthday balloon and a customised card definitely added a festive touch to the occasion.

Wide Range of Flower-Based Gifts

Little Flower Hut is a home grown Singapore florist which offers a wide range of flower-based gifts and hampers - from flower arrangements, hand bouquets to baby hampers etc. Having been in the industry since 2010, its florists work tirelessly to seek the finest flowers from our local flower markets to deliver the finest blooms.

Free Same-Day Delivery

One of Little Flower Hut's unique selling point is its ability to do same-day deliveries at no extra cost if you order before 4pm. Its 24/7 service availability is also a very useful option for those want to give a last minute cheer-you-up bouquet to a special friend.

Affordable Price

Have a friend who just had a bad day at school? Or a spouse who is going to have a long day at work?

There is always something for everyone at Little Flower Hut. With bouquets starting from less than S$40, nothing stops one from picking a little gift to light up one's day.

Valentine's Day Gift

Bright red roses are traditional symbols of romantic love, beauty and passion. The different number of stalks also represent different messages. For instance, 3 stalks represent a pure "I Love You", while 9 stalks represent "I Love You Forever".

With Valentine's Day round the corner, Little Flower Hut is offering its red rose bouquets at special prices. Pick the corect number of flowers to convey your truest feelings. :)

Online Florist

Head over to LittleFlowerHut.Com to scroll through its selection. With a wide selection of flowers such gerberas, hydrangeas, lilies, roses, sunflowers and tulips, there is definitely something for everyone.

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Singapore 576650
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+65 6503 9750

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