[Recipe] Ondeh Ondeh Muffins Using Airfryer

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I started experimenting this Ondeh Ondeh Muffin recipe after trying the cake versions at Starbucks and Violet Oon's recently. Instead of making frostings though, I decided to make it easy by just filling the muffin centre with gula melaka and then adding a coconut/ gula melaka streusel topping.

This muffin is sweeter than my usual recipes, but I decided to keep it this way to recreate the full flavours of the traditional ondeh ondeh. If you are making this for your children, please feel free to cut down about 10% of the sugar/ gula melaka. :)

Ondeh Ondeh Muffins using Airfryer

Yield: 9 muffins


(A) Dry ingredients

210g flour (top flour preferred)
100g dessicated coconut
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt

(B) Wet ingredients

150g coconut oil (other types of oil are fine too)
95g coconut milk
90g sugar (caster sugar preferred)
3 eggs, beaten
1/2 tsp pandan paste

(C) Gula melaka fillings

120g gula melaka, crushed
pinch of salt

(D) Streusel toppings

3 tbsp dessicated coconut
3 tbsp flour
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp gula melaka, crushed


1. Preheat.
Preheat airfryer at 150 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes.

2. Combine (A).
Combine all ingredients in (A) together. Make a well in the centre and set aside. These are the dry ingredients.

3. Combine (B).
Combine all ingredients in (B) together. Set aside. These are the wet ingredients.

4. Mix (C).
To prepare the gula melaka fillings,  mix (C) together.

5. Combine (D).
To prepare the topping, combine (D).

6. Mix the batter.
Add the wet ingredients (B) into the dry ingredients (A). Fold in gently.

Tip: Do not overmix the cake batter. Otherwise, the muffin texture will become tough due to the gluten.

7. Pour.
Pour into the muffin cups till half full.

8. Fill.
Add the gula melaka fillings.

9. Pour.
Fill the rest of each muffin cup with batter, till 3-quarter full.

10. Top.
Finally, decorate with the dessicated coconut cum gula melaka toppings.

11. Bake.
Bake in airfryer at 150 degrees Celsius for 14 min till golden brown. If needed, continue baking for 3 to 5 min more.

Your muffins are now ready! Best served warm with a hot cup of latte. :)

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18 March 2021 at 00:31 delete

Hi, can i use cake flour or plain flour instead of top flour?

12 February 2022 at 21:10 delete

Yes, that's possible! I would recommend cake flour over plain flour for the lower amount of gluten. Gluten may cause the muffin to be a little tougher.