[Review] 4 Insta-Worthy Soft Serves from Watanabe Coffee

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Watanabe Coffee, the cafe located at Isetan Scotts Shaw House, serves traditional Japanese and Western fusion cuisine. Given its location, it offers a convenient yet quiet spot for an afternoon tea session with friends or just for a cuppa after some shopping.

Watanabe's Signature Coffee

Well-known for its signature fragrant hot coffee carefully siphoned from Brazilian Cerrado beans, I recall how the cafe's Specialty Coffee (S$7.80) was so good that I didn't need to add any sugar or milk. 

It is lightly aromatic and has a perfect balance between astringency, acidity, sweetness and bitterness. It makes you just want to savour the pure coffee on its own as adding milk or sugar would be to ruin its purity.

Insta-Worthy Soft Serves

Recently, the cafe expanded its repertoire to include soft serve as well. Made from Hokkaido milk, the soft serve is milky yet surprisingly refreshing. The cafe offers an innovative range of soft serves and kudos should be given for how it tries to cater to the Instagram-crazy generation today where camera eats first. 

We tried several of their latest offerings, available from end July 2019:

Originating from Kagawa Perfecture in the southern part of Japan, the Oiri Soft Serve (S$8.30) was traditionally served at wedding parties for everyone to celebrate during the joyous occasion. For those who are wondering, the colourful balls are made from Japanese mochi glutinous rice flour.

Also known as a "good luck soft serve", it was once said that dreams will come true after eating this soft serve. Definitely not a bad idea for students to have this to destress - and of course "eat" some good luck before their exams. :)

For a more dramatic version, try this pretty version with cotton candy! Who is already on cloud nine just looking at this? :)

For something less indulgent, the 5 Fruits Parfait (S$15.80) is a great option. Created in collaboration with Perfect Break Time, an upper fashion brand in Nagoya, this soft serve is its interpretation of edible fashion. 

Indeed, apart from the beautiful presentation, I love how the soft serve offered a refreshing mix of flavours - with the generous addition of fresh strawberries, kiwifruit slices, orange slices, soft cake, aloe vera etc. I heard that the staff even flew in from Japan to personally train Watanabe Coffee's staff on how to create this true to its original form and consistently!

The cafe shows off its creativity in yet another item - the Champagne Parfait. Available at S$25 for the original version (with alcohol), or $12.80 for the non-alcohol/ child-friendly option, this was a great example of how one shouldn't constrain one's mind into thinking that ice cream should be served in just cup or cone.

So, would you have the soft serve and the champagne separately, or dig your spoon in to savour both the champagne and soft serve?


Overall, the soft serves may admittedly be a little on the pricey side, but it's a small price to pay for indulging in the cafe's high quality soft serve in a relaxing environment - and of course for the Instagram.

Exclusive deal: Enjoy $1 off the 5 Fruits or Champagne Parfait when you post a photo of it on your social media and tag #watananabecoffee!

350 Orchard Road
#01-01 Isetan Scotts Shaw House 
Singapore 238868
Tel: 6235 0608

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