[Review] Full of Luck Restaurant: Latest Dishes in its Revamped Menu

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Full of Luck Restaurant, a modern Chinese restaurant that takes pride in its contemporary and healthy twist to traditional dishes, recently revamped its menu and we were really excited to try out the new dishes.

Conveniently located right next to the Holland Village MRT Station, we like how this casual restaurant, the sister restaurant of Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant at Sheraton Towers, offers high quality yet affordable Cantonese food - something that my parents also enjoy. 

Below were some of the new dishes we tried:


Appetisers, to me, often result in a certain first impression that sets the mood for the rest of the meal, and an impressive appetiser often leaves me excited for more.

The Crab Meat Chilli Cheese Tart with Pomelo ($10++) is a classic example of how the restaurant excels in injecting innovative twists to traditional dishes. 

Served in a set of three, the tart pays homage to Singapore’s famous chilli crab and we liked how the creamy cheese complemented well with the mild spices. The juicy pomelo bits also lent a refreshing tinge of sweetness to the cheese tart.

Main Dishes

We chose 1 seafood, 2 meats and 1 carbo for our mains. On hindsight, we should have also ordered a vegetable dish, the Stir Fried Vegetables with Lily Bulb and Wild Mushrooms (S$12++), for a more balanced meal. Though we had it last year, I can clearly recall that there were lots of fresh mushrooms and gingko nuts in that dish, truly memorable. I should have checked if it’s still available! 

So to start off the mains this time, we had the Dynamite Fried Prawns in Black Truffle Sauce ($16++). We usually order Oatmeal Prawns at Chinese restaurants, so this dish offered a breath of fresh air. 

Although personally I found the black truffle flavour a little too intense, if you like black truffle, you will surely find this dish immensely satisfying.
The Stuffed Har Cheong Wings with Pork ($12++) was another new dish on the menu. Served hot and stuffed with lots of pork and chicken fillings, the meat was soft and tender.

This dish was definitely a lot of substance and no filler, really yummy and especially recommended for those who like chicken wings but don’t want to get their hands dirty. Dip the wings into the restaurant’s homemade chilli sauce for that extra oomph!
A unique interpretation of the oh-so-familiar roast chicken, the Crispy Pu-Er Tea Smoked Chicken ($20++) was another invitingly aromatic dish. Get your camera ready on “video” mode as the lid is lifted and the smoke is dramatically revealed. 

Every piece of chicken was infused with a distinct pu-er tea fragrance and possessed a crispy exterior. Despite being cooked for over 13 hours, the meat was overall still tender, particularly the drumstick/ thigh area. The addition of the homemade ginger-scallion sauce elevated its appeal.

The Rice with Fish in Pumpkin Broth ($16++) was definitely our favourite and we give it a thumbs up - and that’s from someone who is not really a fan of pumpkin. We had really high expectations for this dish, as a previous dish we tried in this Dancing Rice (or “Pao Fan”) series, the Poached Seafood Rice ($18++), was really memorable.

Indeed, the fried rice crisps, flavourful broth, fresh fish, sweet pumpkin, mushrooms and wolfberries sizzling in the claypot made for a really dynamic, sublime gastronomic experience. We heard that the pumpkin broth was cooked to perfection for many hours, and it overall was a really wholesome and nutritious dish.



The Pandan-infused Black Glutinous Rice with Mango ($6++) was a warm comforting bowl of slow cooked porridge consisting of black glutinous rice and coconut milk infused with pandan and gula melaka. Although I was already quite full after the satiating dishes, the sweet tangy slices of mango with chilli powder offered a wonderful contrast to the richness of the dessert.
Personally, I preferred the Steamed Milk Pudding with Ginger ($6++). This cold dessert reminded me of the steamed milk curd that I always have when I am in Hong Kong. Enjoy the warm spicy aroma as the ginger syrup is poured into the silky dessert!



Overall, we really like how Full of Luck offers a good variety of homely and nutritious Chinese dishes at affordable price. Its ambience is also perfect for casual catch-ups with family and friends.

Btw, I heard that the restaurant also recently revamped its Weekday Lunch Delight Set (S$12.80++). It definitely sounds value-for-money for a set consisting of an appetiser, main dish and beverage. I am quite excited to try this out soon!

Full of Luck Restaurant
243 Holland Ave, Singapore 278977
(Holland Village MRT Exit B)

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