[Recipe] Nian Gao Banana Fritters Using Airfryer

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Nian Gao (年糕) is a sticky glutinous rice flour cake available during Chinese New Year. I often hear of relatives saying that they don't like to eat it, but would still buy it because of the symbolism (in Chinese, it sounds like year-high and the prospect of a better year ahead).

The most common ways of cooking the Nian Gao is to steam or fry it, and mum usually fries it with egg. Personally, I am quite wary of all the oil used, so when I cook it, it will be in spring roll form with only a few drops of oil for all 25 pieces.

While some restaurants serve the Nian Gao fried with yam or sweet potato, I like mine with banana. Inspired by Thai-styled banana fritters, l love mine complete with lots of desiccated coconut. Do use ripened bananas because they are naturally extra-sweet!

Nian Gao Banana Fritters Using Airfryer

Yield: 25 pieces

(A) For fritters
150g Nian Gao (see below, only half is required)
3 medium ripe bananas
30g dessicated coconut
25 ready-made spring roll skins, small

(B) For egg wash
1 egg yolk
1/4 tsp oil

1) Preheat airfryer at 170 degrees Celcius for 5 minutes.

2) Thinly slice the nian gao and banana into 2-inch sticks.

3) Lay the spring roll skin flat, with one of the corners in front of you. Place a slice of nian gao and banana on the skin, then sprinkle a generous spoonful of dessicated coconut.

4) Fold the corner upwards, covering the ingredients.

5) Tuck the skin in and fold upwards.

6) Tuck the left and right sides in, and continue rolling the fritter upwards. Use the egg wash to seal the edges.

Tips: Fold the skin loosely, otherwise you may risk the skin tearing and Nian Gao leaking out when it expands during cooking.

6) Use the egg wash to brush the top as well. Repeat until the tray is filled with fritters.

Tips: I usually line my tray with a baking paper. It can be quite messy should the Nian Gao leak out.

7) Airfry for 170 degrees Celcius for 4 minutes. Flip the fritters over and continue airfrying at 170 degrees Celcius for another 3 minutes till golden-brown.

8) Sprinkle some dessicated coconut over the fritters and serve while still hot and crispy. Enjoy!

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